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free spirit
-20th May 2009, 15:41
Many congrats to Jane Jutchison
For winning today and against Italy Well done
10-3 TGV Hutchison did it again!g:)

Barry Paul
-20th May 2009, 17:59
well done Jane. Any other results, is there an official web page?

-20th May 2009, 22:49
Yes - www.eurofencing (http://www.eurofencing) web pag and the link from there (can't do it mesen).

And congrats Carol Wengraf - winner 70 -79 group sabbies !!

And Richard Cohen won, and Dunc came 8th in Cat 1 !!!:D:D:D:D

-21st May 2009, 11:44
Dear All,

Many congratulations to Carol, Jane and Richard, all European Veteran Champions.

Well done the Great Briatin Veterans.


-21st May 2009, 12:38
Results page is here:


-22nd May 2009, 12:33
Congratulations to John Troiano Cat II Men's Foil Champion.
Bad luck to Stephen Fox who lost to John in the last 8 placing him 5th.

-22nd May 2009, 16:26
Well done all, brilliant news.

Jane, British, European and World Champion - what next !

Looking forward to the next couple of days.


-22nd May 2009, 20:59
And Sylvia Brown has successfully defended her 70+ WE title. Go Sylvia!

-22nd May 2009, 21:37
and Dunc came 8th in Cat 1 !!!:D:D:D:D

and suffered a highly questionalble call at 9:9 in L8 - could easily have been last 4

-24th May 2009, 15:28
Mens epee .
I see there were 127 men fencing in the 40-49 age group in epee yesterday and in the over 70's there were 30 . Those are pretty impressive entries.
Today will be Cat 11 50 - 59 and Cat 111 60 - 69. Any news?

-24th May 2009, 21:21
Quick calculation total entry for men's epee over all categories was 315.
That's a lot of epee ! There are some keen Vets out there .

-23rd February 2010, 10:02
Well done jane.Congratulations....Jane,European and World Champion what next!