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-30th April 2003, 08:42
Is there a FIE specification for the size of the Lame?
Should it cover from such a point to such a point shoulder wise and torso wise,
or is it the smallest you can fit in and still maintain comfortable status?

-30th April 2003, 08:54
Yes, there is a minnimum size it relates to the height above the hip bones/waist etc.
Sorry but I dont remember the exact dimensions.

-30th April 2003, 09:03
That's rich, and I thought I could pull a fast one with a shorter size...
thanks Cyranox11, does anyone now the exact height?
I just might be in limits

Boo Boo
-30th April 2003, 09:31
Sorry, this copy of the rules is a bit out of date (2000) and its the USFA edition (but this should be inline with FIE rules).


"m.28: The conductive surface of the conductive over-jacket which is worn over the protective jacket must cover the valid target of the fencer (cf. t.47) entirely and without omission when standing upright, when in the onguard position and when lunging.
Whatever the means of fastening used, the conductive material must cover a sufficient area to ensure that it covers the valid target in all positions of the fencer. The overlap must always be on the sword-arm side. The interior of conductive jackets must be electrically insulated by a lining or by an adequate treatment of the conductive lamé material. The conductive collar must have a minimum height of 3 cm. The lamé material used must be of conductive thread in both warp and weft. As regards electrical conductibility it must conform to the following requirements.
(a) The electrical resistance measured between any two points of the lamé material must not be greater than 5 ohms. The resistance will be measured by using a 500 g copper or brass weight which has a hemispherical end with a radius of 4 mm. This weight, placed on this end and moved about on the lamé, must maintain continuous contact with a maximum resistance of 5 ohms.
(b) In no circumstances must the use of a conductive jacket be allowed if it has holes in it, or patches of oxidation or other defects which may prevent the registration of a valid touch.
(c) A conductive jacket which is considered to be unusable will be so marked with a very visible colored paint by a member of the SEMI Committee of the FIE.
The conductive jacket must be so made that when it is laid flat there is a straight line between the point of junction of the lines of the groin and the two points corresponding to the tops of the hip bones (ilium).

"t.47: In foil, only touches which arrive on the target are counted as valid. The target in foil excludes the limbs and the head. It is confined to the trunk, the upper limit being the collar up to 6 cm above the prominences of the collar bones; at the sides to the seams of the sleeves, which should cross the head of the humerus; and the lower limit following a horizontal line across the back joining the tops of the hip bones, thence by straight lines to the junction of the lines of the groin (see Figure 4, p. 20)."

I have seen people "get away" with lames which are smaller than this. Dependends on your president and your opponent. If you do decide to try and get away with a smaller lame than is legal, they you should have legal sized one too (in case you are requested to change it).

Hope this is helpful.

-30th April 2003, 10:06
Thanks Boo, as usual nothing short than a perfect answer