View Full Version : Good Quality Fencing Photographs???

Boo Boo
-9th December 2003, 22:43
I am looking for some really nice quality fencing photos - probably black and white and a descent size (about A3 ish) - to have properly framed and put up in my new house. I know - very sad...!

Was thinking of some professional, very modern, probably world cup level action photos. Something striking and beautiful. Maybe two or three prints.

Does anyone know where I might get something like this?

(thinking that nice fencing photos is ONE house expense that ChubbyHubby wont actually moan about...)

-10th December 2003, 08:23
Salle Aramis (http://home.columbus.rr.com/salliearamis/) have a fencing photograph of the week which are usually very good, although they are in colour. I don't know where they archive them themselves, but Fencing Sucks (http://www.fencingsucks.com/) have some of their previous photographs in their second gallery.

Boo Boo
-10th December 2003, 09:09
Thanks Mantis, but am looking for a proper photograph/print - rather than something printed from the web or copies from a magazine/book.


-10th December 2003, 10:51
i'd been wondering if there was a market for this kind of thing. if i ever got myself along to a world cup level comp then i could probably take some good ones. the ones i have look very nice blown up to A3 so all i need to find is some world famous fencers to take pictures of...


Dave Hillier
-10th December 2003, 10:55
There are a lot of very good photos in "A Century of Fencing in Britain" you could try and contact the author (Malcom Fare?) who may have some of the originals.

-12th December 2003, 12:39
Boo, you might want to try Corbis:


Enter "Fencing" in the search box, there are loads of pictures. You need to buy them if you want to download them, but they are in very high resolution and professionally made, so you could have a printing shop do nice posters for you.

-12th December 2003, 14:12
am i allowed to say i dont think they're very good? they all seem a bit old. no modern or recent images and none really refering to fencing as a competitive sport. but i suppose each to their own.


-12th December 2003, 14:22
If you think that the Syndey Olympics, the Altanta Olympics, the latest world championships, and the Titan Games are not recent competitive events, then you probably are right...

There are more than a 1000 pictures, you probably only glanced at the first ones...

-12th December 2003, 14:45
Keith Smith's wife Carina used to be the official photographer for the FIE. She took lots of pictures of World/ Olympic finals on a professional basis and I suggest you contact her. thruogh Keith perhaps , to arrange something

-12th December 2003, 16:06
oops, didnt see there were several pages. only looked at the first. apologies.


-12th December 2003, 19:16
Just a quick thought, try contacting Graham Morrisson, the BFA Publicity officer. He's also a professional photographer and may be able to help.

-13th December 2003, 17:32
hey boo boo, i know jo maynard has started to do pics in black and white and they look pretty good....if you want to know anymore just pm me and i'll give you a contact number if you want.

Boo Boo
-15th December 2003, 09:06
Thanks everyone (moved house this past weekend so didn't reply before...)! Lots of great suggestions :)

I will follow them all up early in the new year - I think that I should be able to get hold of some really nice prints :)

Thanks again - you have been really helpful.