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aber ollie
-22nd June 2009, 18:11
Mainly because i'm bored looking at that 'fencer arrested for carrying swords' thread.
Any banter leading up to the competition this weekend? Have Ireland got two teams this year? Welsh Women Epeeists? Will it just be gold and silver medals like last year? etc

-24th June 2009, 17:17
The Northern Ireland "Barbarians" Student 5 Nations Team requires some fencers to compete this Saturday in the S5N2009 in Bristol.

if you are going to be about and without a team, or could make it, please let me know asap. We are currently looking for women fencers... of any weapon, and male epeeists. You don't have to be Northern Irish, just a student as of 2008/2009.

Many Thanks,

David Downey

-24th June 2009, 17:38
In case anyone who isn't a student wants to come and watch, the Student 5 Nations 2009 is being held at Bristol University's Centre for Sport Exercise and Health on Tyndall Avenue, Bristol (There are maps and travel info on the Bristol University website www.bris.ac.uk) . Check-in is at 10am, fencing starts at 10.30am and is anticipated to finish at around 4.30pm.

We have some referees already, but if anyone else would like to volunteer we can give you an extremely cool free event t-shirt and will take you out for a slap-up meal afterwards! If you'd like more info, feel free to contact me either here or through facebook.


-24th June 2009, 18:22
Does anyone know who took home the trophy after the 2007 Student 5 Nations?

Looks like they've walked off with it as I've heard it wasn't there last year. It cost a bit of money to get that and I'd say the guys who got the engravings on it would be pretty annoyed!

It was the Clarke Jackson McNamee trophy I think?

Wally Bay
-25th June 2009, 01:37
If my memory serves me correctly, then I am pretty sure a certain blonde scottish diva took the trophy all in 2007 after Scotland's rampant success.


-25th June 2009, 02:13
Should be a fun weekend and the prospect of free stuff makes it even better! :p

:D Cymru am byth!! :D

-25th June 2009, 14:23
From what I remember, they are sitting in Edinburgh University's trophy stand as that is where we put them. I will have a ask around though. Hope it goes well this weekend (obviously that means that I hope Scotland WIN!!!)

coach carson
-28th June 2009, 19:02
Are the results posted anywhere?

-29th June 2009, 21:37
Great weekend! Well done to the organisers. Anyone know if there are any pics anywhere?

-29th June 2009, 22:13
There's some on facebook. Any juicy gossip or amusing stories?

Wally Bay
-30th June 2009, 09:09
There's some on facebook. Any juicy gossip or amusing stories?

ie. we want to know who picked up who and what happened thereafter.

-30th June 2009, 11:04
S5N09 - Saturday 27th June 2009 in Bristol


1st - Wales
2nd - England
3rd - Scotland
4th - Ireland
5th - Northern Ireland

1st - England
2nd - Northern Ireland
3rd - Ireland
4th - Scotland
5th - Wales

1st - England
2nd - Ireland
3rd - Wales
=4th - Scotland and Northern Ireland

1st - Scotland
2nd - England
=3rd - Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland

1st - Scotland
2nd - England
3rd - Wales
4th - Northern Ireland
5th - Ireland

1st - England
2nd - Scotland
3rd - Northern Ireland
4th - Ireland
5th - Wales

Student 5 Nations Champions 2009 - ENGLAND

wide eagle
-30th June 2009, 19:22
If I had known it was in Bristol I would have gone and watched