View Full Version : Free fencing on the NHS?

-22nd June 2009, 22:16
From tonight's Evening Standard
http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23710210-details/Cheaper+gym+sessions+and+Twitter+buddies+to+cut+ob esity/article.do
"A six-week programme of at least six sessions, including nutrition and lifestyle advice. Fitness clubs will also provide free or reduced-rate training in fencing, yoga and Pilates."

Anyone know about this. I couldn't find anything on the BFA website.
(Nor is the http://www.moreactive4life.co.uk/ site particularly informative)

Change4Life is an NHS supported campaign involving thousands of local organisations and charities. MoreActive4Life is the activity part of this campaign.

-22nd June 2009, 22:19
Will they pay my travel costs to reduce stress levels?

-23rd June 2009, 08:35
Back when I was seeing a CPN for depressions, she agreed with me that fencing seemed to be an effective treatment for me, perhaps ? should have tried for a prescription. Lessons aren't too bad, but wouldn't it be nice if I could buy my kit on the NHS!