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Neil Brown
-24th June 2009, 16:24
Details of this training day with something for everyone are at http://www.welshfencing.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=224:uksg-multi-skill-fencing-a-training-day&catid=53:uksg-news

Activities – something for everyone. Armoury & competition administration (especially suitable for parents), referee training & examination at 3 weapons, fencing training suitable for all fencers & a safeguarding course (essential for all coaches & club officials). The only age restrictions on any of these are for the fencing training which is for those aged 13 or older & the safeguarding which is for people aged 16 or older.

Fencing training. Full day of fencing training at all weapons. Games, footwork, skill training, & sparring. Suitable for all competitive fencers
Referee training for all; exams for level 3 or 4 (3 weapons)
Competition administration. Engarde software training & competition organisation
Armoury. Fault-finding & repair
Piste Assistant. British Fencing’s entry-level qualification for young officials & volunteers. Suitable for non-fencers
Sports Coach UK Safeguarding & Protecting Children course. Essential for all officials & volunteers at the UK School Games & essential for all coaches

-25th June 2009, 09:48
Neil, the link provided states that the minimum age is 16.

Neil Brown
-28th June 2009, 22:38
Minimum age for the SPC course is 16, minimum age for the fencing training day is 13.

Neil Brown
-13th July 2009, 09:57
Still spaces on this day, most of these activities are suitable for parents so if you are a fencer or coach please see if you can point suitable people in the right direction.

Let me know if any questions.

Neil Brown
-15th July 2009, 21:40
Still spaces on all of these activities for Sunday.

This is your chance to get some training subsidised by the Youth Sport Trust, won't happen very often.

Fencers, what other chance do you get to learn something that can gain you hits in every event you complete in & only takes a few minutes every few weeks. This is what the armoury training can do for you.

-2nd August 2009, 12:43
Having been away I thought I'd make a belated Thankyou to all those who organised the day (esp Neil, the armourers, Child protection, those runningthe piste assistant awards, reffing and not forgetting the coaches who ran the fencers training day ) and all the other activities.
It was really appreciated by those of us who attended the various courses and the fencers looked like they had been "run ragged" certainly a lot of sweating was going on - I know my daughter and her friends felt "shattered" by the end of the day but felt it was "very good and beneficial" and they are really looking forward to "more of the same" later on and anticipating the UKSG with great glee. So again a BIG THANKYOU.