View Full Version : What sports personality are you ?

-13th December 2003, 15:54
I found this on teh BBC web site:


I came out as David Beckham - which was a bit alarming, not to mention that the fact that 'oyu bring a air of cool to everything you do'.:confused:

-13th December 2003, 17:25
i came out as Paula Radcliffe! hm........

-13th December 2003, 18:08
Lennox Lewis. Cool.
"Solid and steady. Whatever the latest fashion, you'll never struggle for belts."

-13th December 2003, 18:24
awww pants... i'm nigel mansel - nice moustache :(
i appear to like life in the fast lane, yet rarely stray from the middle of the road:moon:

-13th December 2003, 23:43
Bugger - played it twice, and STILL come out as Nigel Mansel. Must tell my husband......

-14th December 2003, 00:39
obviously a load of BS as I've also come out as being closest to DB unless of couse it means his separated at birth runt twin from a different father.

-14th December 2003, 05:30
Okay, here's another one for David Beckham. Hmmmmm, I think I should check my hair!:cool:

-14th December 2003, 11:52
Steve (interesting) Davis. Well at least he can use a long stick successfully.

-14th December 2003, 11:59
So can Ron Jeremy!!!:tongue:

-14th December 2003, 13:29
hmmmm?? got david beckham too and apparently lend an air of cool to all.............Hmmmmm will have to ponder over that 1 while posing in the mirror 4 the next 2 hours He He!!:grin:

-14th December 2003, 14:26
Lol... Paula Radcliffe...

I'd never leave the house... ;)

-15th December 2003, 08:06
holy c***! I came out as Nigel Mansell! Argh - I must need a personality graft.

-15th December 2003, 08:10
I'm Beckham aswell. Me thinks that this is slightly flawed in it's points system

-15th December 2003, 08:21
Hmmm, I'm Nigel Mansell too.

Boo Boo
-15th December 2003, 09:13
You lot think you have it bad - I came out as Princess Anne!!! :o

What on earth happened there :rolleyes:


-15th December 2003, 10:13
Lennox Lewis - spooky :tongue:


'Solid & steady. What ever the latest fashion, you'll never struggle for belts.'

You lot think you have it bad - I came out as Princess Anne!!!

Must be your royal bearing, Boo ;)

Boo Boo
-15th December 2003, 10:17
"royal bearings" - ROFL!

I sometimes think that ChubbyHubby might be - at least he seems to think that there are an army of servants that are dedicated to following him around...

-15th December 2003, 13:25
My girlfriend just got David Beckham as well. Wikes! Perhaps there's a side of her that I don't yet know!!!Heh, she probably hasn't discovered it yet either, I'm sure!! (I just can't see how we both can be Beckham, we're so different....I think!) Scary!! :grin: :eek:

-15th December 2003, 14:24
At least someone else got Nigel Mansell!!!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping that the person I came out as would not be associated with a sport I despise

-16th December 2003, 07:50
I just tried it again and got Paula Radcliffe.

-16th December 2003, 09:28
Nigel Mansell, David Beckham and then Daley Thomson, Hmmmmmmmm

Maybe the BBC think people wont be insulted if they get David Beckham


Urban Spaceman
-18th December 2003, 12:24
I got Daley Thompson too.

-18th December 2003, 14:07
Another one for Nigel Mansell!?????

-18th December 2003, 16:44
^hey're still whinning about it ....:)

-18th December 2003, 23:10
Originally posted by Tarmac
awww pants... i'm nigel mansel - nice moustache :(
i appear to like life in the fast lane, yet rarely stray from the middle of the road:moon:

Me too, Tarmac! Not quite who I had in mind :o

-16th January 2004, 21:18
Daley thompson here too - and at the risk of sounding like an idiot who the hell is he?:confused:

-16th January 2004, 22:55
Very, very famous British decathlete - one or two Olympic golds.

Since you're not a teen or one of our overseas members, then your prediction is accurate.

-18th January 2004, 14:03
I am not a teen (only 21 though, and not a huge follower of athletics), however my whole family is american - does that count for anything? ;) maybe not eh.. I'm lame, I don't keep up with a lot of sports, only know of the others people have mentioned because I have friends into racing, wrestling etc and would have to have spent the last 10 years in solitary confinement not to know who David Beckham is!!

-18th January 2004, 17:45
I'll let you off, although Daley Thompson wa sth Paula Radcliffe of his day.

-27th January 2004, 15:26
Ha ha got lennox lewis.

-8th February 2004, 22:33
Ended up as David Beckham, strangely coincidental but my ball and chain can't sing either

Pointy stick
-22nd February 2004, 08:58
Well, I came out as 1970s masked wrestler, Kendo Nagasaki!

Pointy stick
-22nd February 2004, 09:00
Not really. I was Paula Radcliffe. Apparently I have an enviable record collection but should not wear long white socks.

Does anyone out there envy my unique collection of Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers albums?

What can I wear for fencing now?

-22nd February 2004, 17:33
I came out as Steve Davies.
Ii have no idea who he is but he looks like a complete bore... *sigh*


I suspect I need a change of personality since I came out as Davies the 2nd time I played. LOL