View Full Version : Reading This Could Change Your Life!

-14th December 2003, 18:06
sounds like a pyramid scheme to me... dubiously legal if at all.
wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
And i know this is coming from me, but, is this wholly appropriate on the forum???

-14th December 2003, 20:52
lock/delete/remove/kill/destroy/eliminate (delelte as applicable) this thread. what b/s. i hope this is someone taking the piss. it really must be. but yes, i think this would be legal...at least until they make being stupid a crime...

-14th December 2003, 22:18
oh no, spam on the forum, well at least its not offering to increase anything by 3 inches, make anything last for hours, or tell us all that x is desperate to talk to us and his/her webcam is available now.

please please please kill it before others get the idea :confused:

oh and yes it probably is legal but then who cares either way

-15th December 2003, 00:07
Classic scam shall I get rid of it or leave it as an example of how people try to take your money?
Let me know.

Please beware of all things on the internet that sound good !!!!!!!!!

-15th December 2003, 05:20
Hi all,

I just removed the text. I hate it when this stuff appears on bulletin boards.

Sorry for stealing you thunder there KingKenny I acted before I read the posts,

Shouldn't we close this thread as well?

-15th December 2003, 22:59
Close it: what purpose is there in leaving it?? I read the post and wondered how long it would take for one of you 2 to blitz it. Thank you.

-16th December 2003, 05:44
Fair point PM - thread closed. It looked to me when I first looked at this thread that people were chatting about spam.