View Full Version : 12 to watch for 2012

-27th July 2009, 18:28

"London 2012 will be Richard Kruse's third Olympics. The foil fencer reached the quarter-finals in 2004 in Athens and won silver in the European Championships this year but made a disappointingly early exit in the recent British Championships"

What about all the recent MF medals then? Typical Journos...

-29th July 2009, 16:06
Equally bizarre is the #12 who they say is really for 2016... maybe they should do a 16 for 2016 to include her and find a more interesting prospect for the 2012 list.

The whole qualification process for the Olympics makes my brain hurt, but I think that to get both Kruse and Halsted in, we need there to be a team event. Fingers crossed that there is a medal on offer for MF team in 2012. Suspect Keith Smith will be pushing for it at congress.

-1st September 2009, 21:49
Gotta love the fact that Kruse looks more like he's been in the pool than Tome Daley!

-17th September 2009, 15:17
I'm surprised to see Jessica Ennis isn't on the list.