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-15th December 2003, 10:14
A comment in the best maraging epee thread reminded me of being creamed by Nick Perry at the Busas a couple of weeks ago... can anyone suggest a defence for a flick delivered to wrist off a fleche? 'Cause I couldn't think of one in the time he took to beat me.

Basically, I was keeping distance out of range for a fleche to body, and my hand was not offered for step-flick. At least he didn't do the same thing 15 times to hit me. And I got 3 back.

-15th December 2003, 10:37
distance distance distance - best not get into that sort of position in the first place.

Manage your distance better and try not to let him use his fleche. You could also try a disengage stop hit or counter parry. Even with those you are going to have use your feet.

-15th December 2003, 10:49
Well distance and your point placement are the key, fleche flicks are great fun to do and rely entirely on speed, good timing and suprise, but they are also very very risky for that reason, and being impaled under the wrist is a big risk with them (very painful when accelerating forward while flicking :dizzy: )

Thing is you really shouldn't conceed more than the odd 1 in a DE match as if you keep distance and are constantly threatening the wrist they are almost impossible to get away with.

-17th December 2003, 14:02
As someone who was known for this hit a few years back (well 5 or 6) I can assure you that it is only effective if the defender tends to counterattack, because you need a predictable target or you are just commiting suicide.

-18th December 2003, 09:49
I promise you it is also effective against an opponent who knows he is outmatched and is thinking too much :( :o

-19th December 2003, 00:31
You could try drawing the attack and then pulling your arm back so that he hits the guard.