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Neil Brown
-14th August 2009, 15:42
Sports Coach UK - Safeguarding & Protecting Children (SPC 1)
Date: 25th August 2009
Times: 09:30-12:30 (please arrive 20 minutes early to complete forms) full attendance is required
Venue: British Fencing office
Course Tutor: Ismay Cowen
Cost: 30

Safeguard the young people you are coaching, yourself, your club and/or your employer by understanding and following good teaching and coaching practice.

As a British Fencing Official it is not your responsibility to decide whether or not a child is being abused....but it is your responsibility to act if you have any concerns.

This 3-hour workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn and understand more about the sensitive and important subject of protecting children and young people from abuse and how to handle situations in the workplace.
This workshop will help you, whether the Coach / Official / Club Welfare officer / volunteer or parent of a fencer.

Outcomes for the workshop

Identify good coaching practice to promote a positive relationship with children
Identify sport situations and coaching practice that might constitute either poor practice or possible abuse
Identify ways of dealing with your own feelings about child abuse
Identify appropriate action if abuse is suspected in line with BF welfare guidance
Identify appropriate action if a child discloses he/she has been abused by following the BF guidance
Describe appropriate practice that reduces the likelihood of abuse occurring

Includes: Sports Coach UK resource Attendance certificate required for British Fencing registration.
NB Certificates are only issued to those who are present for the whole of the workshop.

Application form at

Neil Brown
-21st August 2009, 14:56

-22nd August 2009, 16:30
I was told there were no more places left on this last week, given you've issued a reminder is that not the case now? Cheers

Neil Brown
-24th August 2009, 09:30
I've just heard this course is now full.