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-30th April 2003, 16:35
I have just received a missive from Scottish Fencing about a refereeing course that is being proposed for the weekend of the inverclyde Open. Given that the last course was cancelled due to alleged lack of interest I would like to suggest that anybody who is interested respond in the positive to make sure that this one is not cancelled as well.


-30th April 2003, 16:48
Won't be able to do it myself, as I'll be busy setting up, but should be good. Here's the missive:

Refereeing Course

A refereeing course will be held on the weekend of 30th/31st May, 1st June, in conjunction with the Inverclyde Open at Largs. The course will start on Friday,30th May, from 6.00pm – 10.00pm, and can be followed by the BFA’s grade 3 exam at any weapon, as there will be two FIE referees present (Ian Hunter and Mike Thornton). Anyone wishing to sit the exam will have to be present at the appropriate competition, so if accommodation is required the information is available on the competition website (www.Inverclydeopen.co.uk or from David Rollo. (Tel. 0141 583 1795).
The fee for the course will be £25 and will include a copy of the current rule book – very necessary – and the exam fee.
Anyone interested in this course should contact me either through the office or by email at patsy.engardens@blueyonder.co.uk .

Patsy Nicholls

-1st May 2003, 16:39
:confused:Am I the only one that thinks £25 quid a bit steep? What do we get for our money?

-1st May 2003, 16:43
Have to say that, considering the biggest gripe at the moment would seem to be that the standard of refereeing is awful, and that there aren't enough people prepared to ref, the course should either be free, or more heavily subsidised.

So it's not just you!

-1st May 2003, 16:44
Well Gav reckons you can get a rebate if you already have a copy of the rule book - but this is only rumour at the moment.

If you think that anybody who attends the course will imediately become a target for SF requests to referee at SF events - then one might almost claim that we should be paid to go on the course and not the other way round. Especially as I have only just worked out where Largs is! I have never used that part of my AA road map before.

-2nd May 2003, 13:41
I'm all for it, and will be going, however, I do agree that £25 is a lot of money, considering what else I'll be shelling out for that weekend (digs, beer, competition, beer, travel to the back of beyond, beer, take out food, spirits...)

Subsidising this kind of thing is what SF should be all about...

-2nd May 2003, 13:56
I too will be attending the refereeing course - but I still reserve the right to complain about its price, location, timing, beer that is too warm/cold (delete as appropriate) and anything else that is even vaguely connected to it.

Maybe we could produce a list of things that we think SF should be about (subsidising refereeing courses etc etc) and then compare it with a list of things that SF appears to be about (supporting AllStar UK's business). How much overlap do you think there would be?

-2nd May 2003, 16:46
Well, the rule book purchased from Leon Paul costs £12, the joining fee for the referees association is £5, which menas that you are paying £4 each to Ian Hunter and Mike Thornton to be trained........

-3rd May 2003, 00:13
Doobarz is spot on with this. Take out the fixed costs and you are getting the time, knowledge and experience of two FIE-qualified refs for a pound an hour and , if you're any good, you get a refereeing qualification as well. Try persuading your plumber, joiner, mechanic, solicitor or fencing coach (ha, ha) to offer a similar service for the same rate.