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-17th December 2003, 20:18
Hello, before I start I would just like to say thanks for all your help in my first year of fencing, to everyone who has taken the time to answer my questions. Have a Merry Christmas.
Okay here it is, our coach can no longer coach us, as he has to go off
and coach for something called the Olympic Games. Our club is not even a year old, we're small with on average 10 to 14 members. We fence once a week and have a great big college hall
to use. We are all about the same level.We are applying for funding to get some kit. It's not the money but the lack of a coach.
How do we get through this problem. We are very open with each other and share our knowledge and come January three of us are going to a one day coaching class. Which will be very basic but it's a start. Is it possible for a club to fence and improve without a coach. That is the question. Sorry about the mad rambling but I'm slightly worried, Tuesdays will never be the same again.
I hope you can help, thanks a lot for this and all the help in the past.

-17th December 2003, 23:05
don't know, is the answer, but I sure as heck hope some people can help, especially our Scottish contingent?? keep us informed, and good luck.

-18th December 2003, 00:03
Originally posted by gaz
Is it possible for a club to fence and improve without a coach.

The very grim answer is no. It took us a while to replace our head coach when he had to give up and it hurt us badly, even with two other coaches. All fencing clubs live and die by their coaching.

A suggestion - send somebody, who will then be committed to being a coach, to qualify on a BAF course at Easter (or whatever first full exam can be completed first). In the interim, see if you can find a coach to come over on odd weekends just to keep things ticking over.

Apologies if this wasn't what you wanted to hear, but I remember what happened all too well.

-23rd December 2003, 05:37
Perhaps you should contact the higher authority, such as BFA and ask for a coach to be assigned to your club, or something similar.



-24th December 2003, 00:47
You could find a local club that fence on a different night and ask their coach if he can coach you lot on a diferent night

-24th December 2003, 08:34
...on the Isle of Skye??

-24th December 2003, 14:31
Ahhhh, there is that, LOL

-31st December 2003, 12:41
By the sound of it I'd say get some of the higher level fencers from the club down to a coaching exam. And go from there I'm not sure about club insurence with out a coach either.