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-18th December 2003, 16:44
In this site there is an equipment section with non electric Maraging sabres advertised. How is it so, since people are saying they don't make them any more?

Flexible or stiff, electric or non electric, which is best for practice? Which for competions?


-24th December 2003, 00:56
There is NO difference in blade between a LP electric sabre and a LP non electric sabre. The only difference is that the electric sabres have the IGS and insulating padding and pommel.

-24th December 2003, 18:49
Blaise Freres do make maraging sabre blades, which Allstar and Uhlmann carry. There are no FIE homologation requirements for sabre blades, however, and the general consensus is that maraging sabre blades, unlike foil and epee blades, aren't worth the extra cost (sabre blades are subject to different sorts of stresses in normal use, since far more cuts than thrusts are made). When I've prepared US team members' gear for FIE equipment control, I've never been given a maraging sabre.


Barry Paul
-26th December 2003, 10:55
However I think the general complacency over the requirement not to have any regulations on sabre blades is a little blinkered. Now that sabre blades are as stiff as foil/epee blades. Their life will decrease and dagers will continue to exsist from broken blades injuries and injuries caused by the broken section flying off.

Just as important could be that the long term cost of using maraging sabre blades for the top fencers could soon like foil and epee become cheaper. as the blades last up to five times longer. Barry Paul.

-26th December 2003, 16:36
But WILL a maraging sabre blade give you more than the current 6 months or so competitive life?

Also sabre has more risk of nasty weapon bends than foil, thus you could quite easily ruin your 60 maraging blade if you manage to put an up or down bend in it, cos they are nigh on impossible to get out in my experience.