View Full Version : Question - How do i change the 'senior member'

Hot Bot
-30th September 2009, 19:53
Underneath my username it says Senior Member, but i know a lot of people who have changed it, and was just wondering how to do this. Does it depend on your post count or rep etc, or am i just being special and missing how you do it?

-30th September 2009, 19:56
Go to User CP, then Edit Your Details - it should be near the top on the left.
The custom user title box is the bit you're looking for.

Hungry Hippo
-10th October 2009, 23:53
Red, I can only imagine that it's the biography box in the additional information section, as the custom user ttitle box does not come up. However, updating bography doesn't seem to remove and replace the 'senior member' title.

Does something need to be pre-set to allow this to happen, or am I on the wrong trail?

-11th October 2009, 00:31
Maybe it opens up with a set post count - maybe one of the mods will be able to give you a rough idea of the number.

-7th December 2009, 13:24

You want (in user CP) Your Profile>Edit Your Details>Custom User Title.

If memory serves this unlocks at 500 posts but I may be wrong.

Hope this is of some help.

All the best

-28th December 2009, 16:53
if u get to know how ...i wanna change mine too:D:whistle:

...and I thought you were just trying to sell lottery tickets by posting vacuous comments in various threads.