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-28th December 2003, 14:30
Hello All, wouldn't it be nice to get into the club and fence right now. Work can be boring but long xmas holidays can be too. All the extra xmas food piling on the pounds and spreading the waistline. I'm new to this sport and am keen to learn. I see from the profiles that there are a lot of people around my age that enjoy this sport so If there is anyone interested corresponding please get in touch.

Have a Merry Holiday, Regards

-28th December 2003, 16:27
welcome to the forum :grin:

-29th December 2003, 19:20
Thanks for the response Tarmac. Hope UR enjoying your Xmas holidays.

-29th December 2003, 21:03
Welcome to the Fourum. I hope you wern't expecting too much sanity in here because if so then i'm afraid you might be disapointed.

Merry xmas and a Happy new year

-30th December 2003, 21:07
Originally posted by RS001
I'm new to this sport and am keen to learn.

1st........Hello!!:) Don't worry Im very new myself, Only been to a few club nights .....................really have to get going again in the new year!! :o and anyway were all have our sanity here.....well just about anyway:grin: (its the others you have to watch out for!!!:confused:

P.s. ..............:party: have a good new year guys!:party:

-30th December 2003, 21:14
We may have sanity but we don't normally use it

-30th December 2003, 23:07
welcome, welcome, thrice welcome. You are amongst friends here.

If you can't fence, do yer footwork !!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: you can never do too much.

Anyway - enjoy the forum and your fencing.

Happy wotsit, folks ...

-31st December 2003, 22:18
Thanks to all U jolly souls that welcomed me to the forum. It's now new yeras eve and i bet that U are all out drinking and singing and welcoming it in. Have a nice one.

Luv and kisses