View Full Version : Do blades get bendier?

-29th December 2003, 18:24
Coz mine doesn't make the FIE bendiness test. It should be 4.5 cm minimum dip at the tip, when clamped 70cm from the tip, with 200g suspended 3cm from the tip.

Mine just scrapes 4cm if I'm generous. Actually, it's more like 3.8cm.

If I keep encouraging it, will it get bendier?

-29th December 2003, 19:35

-3rd January 2004, 18:51

First thing I do with a new foil blade. Bend the hell out of it, till it's a nice curve. then bend it back. I try to wear them in before I even use them.

Barry Paul
-6th January 2004, 17:27
The F.I.E. has made a specific reference to Epee blades being too stiff. The blade you have is illegal and too stiff. Stiff epee blades hurt and can cause excessive brusing at best at worst more serious injuries. Youngsters and beginners can be put off fencing permanently by being at the end of hard hit with an excessively stiff blade.

Unfortunately some manufacturers continue to make blades which do not pass the flexibility test. Most fencers get away with using them because flexibility testing is only done at world Championship events.

If its one of our blades return it and we will replace imediately with a regulation blade.

In answer to your question yes blades will over time show a loss in UTS due to fatigue but this will only occur too the end of the blades low cycle high stress fatigue life.

Barry Paul M.D. Leon Paul.

-6th January 2004, 18:05
Thanks Barry.

Unfortunately, it is one of your non-maraging blades.

I've seen a few people rubbing themselves after I hit them. On the arm particularly. That's why I did the test in the firstplace.

However, to be fair, the 'test' comprised hanging two telephone handsets (weighing a total of 200g according to my kitchen scales) from a bit of string, and using my hand on a desk as a clamp. So, I'll do a more accurate test, and if it still looks stiff, I might take you up on that offer.