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-29th December 2003, 18:37
The bendiness rules for blades (m8, m16, m23) in point 3 of each of these, it is stated that:

The bend of the blade is measured at the extremity of the button between the non-weighted and weighted positions.
There is no mention made in this point (3) of the curvature allowed in the blade (earlier in the same section(s)).

It seems reasonable and obvious, then that any curve in the blade that is displayed once the blade is clamped (provided it is within leagal bounds) is simply ignored, and, as stated, the deflection of the tip under load is simply taken from wherever the tip lies as the blade rests untouched in the clamp.

Is this correct?

The only alternative I can imagine is that the difference would be taken instead from the centre line of the blade, had it been perfectly straight.

The rules do seem very clear on this, but I want to be absolutely certain.

Barry Paul
-12th January 2004, 19:11
The amount of deflection /bend is measured from were the blade sits having clamped it in the jig. Barry Paul

-13th January 2004, 07:54
Thanks Barry.