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-29th December 2003, 19:35
It was recently suggested to me that starting to take my grades, in all weapons, would be a good idea... even though i have attempted to take them before and recieved training for them there never seems enough time to actually take the grade properly. I'm not an incompetent fencer and find this bl**dy annoying as i still haven't got any grades at all - are there any such things as grading weekends or training groups cos i'll never get them done with how busy the club is...

-2nd January 2004, 14:40
I wouldn't bother, I think they are better suited to encouraging kids than as actual markers of achievement for adults. I've been fencing a long time and never done grades or seen them done, I dont think anyone at my club has them either for that matter.

-2nd January 2004, 14:44
Personal prejudice, but I think there's much better stuff to spend your time on like actually fencing and doing competitions and stuff. (And, dare I say it, watching paint dry?)

I've often found that number of grade badges people have is inversely proportional to how well they do at competitions! I did grades 1 to 6 foil and learned far more when I stopped doing them and spent time actually training with better fencers and doing competitions.

The only use I see of the grade badges is lower down when novice fencers start and need them as motivation to keep going in their first year or so. This is especially the case when there are young kids involved and their parents want to know how well their little ones are doing - as measures they are more comprehensible to non-fencing parents than competitions.

-2nd January 2004, 14:46
There's an echo in here! Only kidding, I saw you writing it at the same time as my reply.

-2nd January 2004, 14:53
Here's watching you Jambo! Actually, I think a couple of people at Laszlo's might have their grade 9 - at the Durham camp a couple of years ago, I think they worked out that they'd done enough stuff to cover the syllabus. Some of them were flashing badges, certainly!

-2nd January 2004, 14:56
Originally posted by UglyBug
Some of them were flashing badges, certainly!

Cringe. Please tell me you are kidding! Thats second only to sowing them onto your jacket.

To be honest I was more refering to the uni club and friends at other clubs, I still haven't met all of the people who fence under Laszlo's let alone know what awards they have and haven't done.

-2nd January 2004, 14:59
I think they were flashing them ironically (If you can flash ironically...). Good point from Jambo I think - Tarmac, if you decide to do them, don't sew them onto your jacket. Anyway, if you did 3 lots of 6, you'd have to have a jolly long arm!

-2nd January 2004, 23:30
As someone said to me, you see these kids with the badges and some well executed actions - shame it was the wrong action, though.

-3rd January 2004, 11:11
don't need anymore motivation to fence!!!and they do seem kinda hollow things as i've been known to hammer people with a lot of grades... i was hoping to get into some film/stage productions but qualifications seem essential and was recommended to start with the grades... anybody know of other qualifications for this kinda thing?

-3rd January 2004, 22:27
I would have thought coaching qualifications are more important than weapon grades because they cover all the health and safety requirements necessary for that kind of thing - you don't need weapon grades before coaching qualifications.

-4th January 2004, 13:37
that, is a brilliant idea!:grin:
unfortunately there's no training groups down here:(

-5th January 2004, 13:35
There are normally weekend courses kicking around the country. I did mine at a club up north a couple of years ago - 2 days doing the practical stuff and then was sent away with the written exam which I did and sent away to be marked. BFA or someone on here might know where any are being run