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-1st January 2004, 09:18
Hello Hello to all. Happy new year!!!

So what are people New Year Resolutions this year.

I'll start you offmine would be more fencing, more practice and get to more comps.

-1st January 2004, 19:33
Mine is to use the swimming pool membership I spent a lot of money on last term and didn't use!!!!!!

Also, to keep all of my work up to date would be a good idea

-1st January 2004, 20:21
Mine are to work hard for my As levels, to fence as much as possible, and to get fit and tone myself up a bit.

-1st January 2004, 22:23
Lose weight.

Try and win fights.

Tidy the house.

-2nd January 2004, 15:09
um my resolution is to have no resolutions, but thats a bit contradictory isnt it?


eat more chocoalte

scare more people!

and out on weight!

forget how to spell!

i like being differnet and annoying!

but the only serious resolution is:


-2nd January 2004, 15:29
Resolution - hit people before they hit me

-2nd January 2004, 15:30
is that in fencing or general street fights

-2nd January 2004, 16:21
I think it's a good tactic for both

-2nd January 2004, 18:05
Mine resolution would be to lose weight. As the few people on here that actually know me know i'm not the slimmest of people.

Also to keep up with my uni work to make more time for fencing would be a good idea.

-2nd January 2004, 22:11
Mine are

pratice what I preach i.e., say "no", like I keep telling my colleagues to do;

do things today and not put off until tomorrow(wherever possible);

chill out a bit more frequently so that when i DO, i don't go OTT on too many occasions;

look up those old friends who I get/send cards to at this time of year but don't meet up with

give up trying to change the attitude of those around me - it makes me miserable !!

Listen to what my body tells me, and slooooow down.......

Like myself, even a teeny bit more than I do.

I'm going to enjoy myself, come what may. I may be a grown up by reason of age, but some times I'm off duty. So there!!!

-3rd January 2004, 07:44
PM1's making us feel bad about our poor standard of resolutions now!

My New Year's Eve Party only finished yesterday morning (42 hours long...you should all have been here!) so I guess I've broken all the alcohol/food/fitness/women ones already...

So here goes:

- finish the season 12th or better in the rankings
- lead Cornwall to 4th or better at Excalibur
- buy a decent desk for my front room
- save the world from starvation, poverty and globalisation
- if there's any time left, tidy the kitchen cupboards

-3rd January 2004, 10:19
New Years Resolution:



-3rd January 2004, 11:03
I will get through semi finals in competitions!!!
everything else can go to hell!!!:grin:

-3rd January 2004, 16:25
Don't be put off by my sad life resolutions !!!
I AM going to enjoy myself as well, y'know!!!:grin: :grin:

-14th January 2004, 16:38
so, has anyone stuck to their resolutions?

im trying on mine! failing tho!

-14th January 2004, 16:43
yep i have but the test will be the club comp week after next

-14th January 2004, 19:07

An old friend who I hadn't heard from for YONKS got in touch by chrissy card - he now works in Belgium, and when I was over there this last w/e with the cadets, we met up !!!!!!

Am I sounding sad, or what ?? but it was lovely to see him, and a gormet lunch as well........calories, calories - thank you, Ryanair....

-14th January 2004, 20:05

i reckon getting through a DE fight would be a good idea for me...

(after 1 year fencing have to fence a 4 yr experienced student who is quite good (top 20 in BUSA indiviiduals) - she didnt want to lose to 1) a guy. 2) a beginner.

i win the fight 5-2. 7-4. 10-8.

"to fifteen!" she cries. she gets 14-13 ahead....
i level, and then after 20 white lights.... i lose. yet another 15 fight.)

in 1.5 yrs of fencing ive probably had 5 15-14 losses.... not funny anymore...

-14th January 2004, 20:53
so, has anyone stuck to their resolutions?

Well, that all depends on the intepretation of 'stuck'. I've lingered around my resolutions.

Worked a bit for my AS Levels (did the first one last week!), fenced at every opportunity (nost really a resolution, I do that anyway :) ), and as for getting fit... well, I've remembered to take my 'Sport Multivitamins' every day to make up for the fact that as a 6th former I tend to eat healthily on Monday, KFC on Tuesday, and then having blown all my money on KFC, pretty much nothing for the rest of the week. Whoops. I DID try to eat healthily when I went back to school (as supposed to eating nowt but chocolate, Pringles, and iceburb lettiuce all Christmas), but unfortunatly a week of eating heathly stuff like salad and fruit and Boots Shapers Meal Deals (though to be honest I find it hard to trust food which tells you how many calories are in it) I decided it was far too expensive- so reverted to the KFC dieting theory (and darnit, what's dreadfullt wrong with eating a diet which allows you one large healthy meal, one large unhealthy meal, then apples and satsumas for the rest fo the week?)

-14th January 2004, 21:16
i have for some reason adopted a stupid dieting ritual, due to the fact my mates are dietng, so i just look like a big fat heffa when i get about 3 choc bars for my lunch! shame tho! apperently im underwieght! tis great!

but eating healthily was not one of my resolutions! dammit!

-14th January 2004, 21:40
Eating healthily/dieting/loosing weight seems to be the main resolution in my sixth form. Nothing to do with sitting around on soft chairs all day eating stuff out of a vending machine (or, for the more adventurous- microwave meals) :)

Boo Boo
-14th January 2004, 22:42
I broke my New Year's resolution tonight (to be more tolerant/patient in training...) and paid the price - divine retribution saw that I badly twisted my ankle :(

Still, will get back on the band wagon - as soon as my ankle lets me fence again! :upset:

(typing this with the third ice pack tonight on her ankle... :( ).

-15th January 2004, 00:22
Ow - been there (not through fencing).

I'll have to revise my means to my resolution - I couldn't face a month of lime and soda.

And as I'm typing here, clearly I'm not tidying up.

-18th January 2004, 12:52

1. find jacket that fits. (barry, do you do jackets for people with 48" chests and long arms ?)

2. Clean mantlepeice for all the awards & medals I'm going to win this year.

3. find someone (female) who wants The Bucket around.

any two of the three would be nice.

-18th January 2004, 13:18
Lose weight - lose a LOT of weight.

In the interim invest in new breeches.

Don't forget breeches for tournaments.

Buy new flat.