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Neil Brown
-1st January 2004, 23:14
Details for all the British fencers travelling are below. My computer has gone up in smoke so I have no address book.

Prof. Neil M Brown
f 0870 124 7922
e neil@fencingcoach.net m 07813 693947

Dear Fencer 1st January 04

This letter contains the final details for Pisa 18th January 04.

We will be travelling out from Gatwick North Terminal on Saturday 17th January at 08:55 on flight BA2600, please meet at the British Airways check-in desks at 07:30. Do not be late.

We will return to Gatwick North Terminal on Monday 19th January at 14:05 on BA2601. Please make sure you are being collected or have arranged your own transport.

You will need to bring:

Your passport
Your British Fencing or equivalent licence (British Fencing say you must be a junior member to fence abroad)
Money for food when you are travelling (your 2 evening meals & food at the competition are included in the price you have already paid for the weekend.)
An E111 medical form
An alarm clock
Your fencing kit. You will need FIE equipment for this event, 800N jacket, breeches, plastron, 1600N mask, S2000 blades. Your lame jacket, overlay, & mask must be in good condition to pass the weapon control, you must have shorted sabres. (If you do not understand any of this paragraph ask your coach, do not ignore it & hope no-one will notice.)

We will be staying at the Hotel Granduca in Pisa:=
Via del Brennero, 13 i-56017 SAN GIULIANO TERME (PISA) www.hotelgranduca.it Tel +39 050817782, Fax +39 050818811

The list of fencers, officials, & parents who are travelling is with this letter.

Hotel & evening meals.

Several of you (fencers & parents) are travelling separately from the main group. If I am booking accommodation for you, you will need to send me a cheque for the correct amount BEFORE we travel. Cheques must be payable to “Cadet Sabre”.

The costs per person will be as follows:-

Saturday night B&B & evening meal £40
Sunday night B&B & evening meal £40

Please check the attached list of hotel room allocation, if you’re not happy with any of it tell me before we travel so I can make changes. The principle is all fencers & adults travelling independently have rooms allocated. If you arrive before us you must share according to the plan to avoid any confusion.

The competition is at:-
Centro Sportivo Comunale di Bientina (Pisa)

Final check-in: 08:30

British fencers travelling independently please arrive at least half an hour before check-in.

Individual fencers do not need to check in, I will do all the admin but will need your licence.

Please remember you have signed a code of conduct governing your behaviour over the whole weekend. Please reread it if you have forgotten what you have signed. If you have lost it please let me know & I’ll let you have another one.

There should be fencers or adults supporting at the side of the piste whenever a British fencer is on. This means if you are not fencing you should be looking for other British fencers to support, you are travelling as part of the British squad so we expect this from all fencers & adults.

If you are an adult accompanying this trip remember you are there for the benefit of the fencers. If you are not sure what to do ask me or your child’s coach. You can see a guide for parents & fencers I have been working on at www.fencingcoach.net, please read it all carefully. Make sure you understand the implications & the rules of a possible dope control (this applies to any major fencing event).

The officials in charge of the trip (Neil Brown, Charlotte Brown, Peter Wright) are there for you, the fencer’s, benefit - if you want help/advice/support you must not be afraid to ask.

When you are at competitions in the UK you should read the Sabre Club noticeboards every time. If the ranking list has a blank in the “Have I got your address” column write your address in the space provided. Similarly if I have not got your date of birth or it is not correct.

Contact me, preferably by email, if you have any questions.
Neil Brown

Pisa 2004
The following fencers are going to Pisa U17

Rank NAME Name DOB Notes Hotel Saturday Hotel Sunday
2 CRUTCHETT Anthony 31/03/1988 CRUTCHETT Anthony CRUTCHETT Anthony
3 GILL Thomas 02/02/1987 Own trav GILL Thomas WALKER James
4 WALKER James 09/10/1987 WALKER James COOMBS Nathan
5 COOMBS Nathan 02/10/1987 COOMBS Nathan MCCARTHY Connor
6 MARSHALL Stuart 17/07/1988 Own trav MARSHALL Stuart GANN Henry
8 MIZEL James 14/07/1988 Own trav MCCARTHY Connor SWINSON Tim
9 MCCARTHY Connor 12/03/1987 GANN Henry LANGTON Valerian
12 GANN Henry 30/08/1988 SWINSON Tim NICELY Nathan
16 SWINSON Tim 17/02/1987 LANGTON Valerian MONCREIFF James
18 LANGTON Valerian 08/06/1987 NICELY Nathan TURNER Mike
19 NICELY Nathan 21/12/1987 MONCREIFF James HONEYBONE James
20 MONCREIFF James 29/07/1988 TURNER Mike PERRY Daniel
21 TURNER Mike 11/03/1988 HONEYBONE James HENDRA Katie
23 HONEYBONE James 11/01/1991 PERRY Daniel VAN DER ELST Arwen
24 PERRY Daniel 25/05/1987 HENDRA Katie ASHWORTH Catherine
2 ELLIS Sarah 02/07/1987 Own trav VAN DER ELST Arwen STILLEY Harriet
3 HENDRA Katie 06/04/1988 ASHWORTH Catherine HARDING Clare
6 VAN DER ELST Arwen 08/02/1987 STILLEY Harriet HUNTER Juliet
7 ASHWORTH Catherine 06/08/1987 HARDING Clare STANLEY Rebecca
8 KEMPE Katherine 26/11/1988 Own trav HUNTER Juliet NORBURY Emma
14 STILLEY Harriet 11/09/1990 STANLEY Rebecca BROWN Neil
16 HARDING Clare 19/02/1987 NORBURY Emma BROWN Charlotte
17 HUNTER Juliet 25/07/1988 BROWN Neil WRIGHT Peter
21 STANLEY Rebecca 11/12/1988 BROWN Charlotte BROWN George
22 NORBURY Emma 15/08/1990 WRIGHT Peter HONEYBONE Jo
Official BROWN Neil MARSHALL Steve
Official BROWN Charlotte HONEYBONE Jo
Official WRIGHT Peter SALFIELD Jon
BROWN George GILL Lance
MARSHALL Steve Own trav
GILL Lance Own trav

-2nd January 2004, 13:14
Have a wonderful time. male Cadet epeeists were there for the previous 2 years, but cannot be this year. Good hotel, lovely people and fab coffee at the venue.

Bring back a Piaggio !!