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-2nd January 2004, 14:49
I haven't fenced foil in ages and fancy doing the odd competition again. Since last using my lame for competition, I am rounder and a smidgen taller. Where does a lame have to come down to to be legal (it still goes round me, I just think it might be too high on the hips)??

-3rd January 2004, 00:05
the lame must rest on the top of the hip bone (poke your sides, you can feel it) in a normal en garde position

-3rd January 2004, 15:00
Extract from rules

Valid target (t47) at foil

It is confined to the trunk, the upper limit being the collar up to 6 cm above the prominences of the collar bones; at the sides to the seams of the sleeves, which should cross the head of the humerus; and the lower limit following a horizontal line across the back joining the tops of the hip bones, thence by straight lines to the junction of the lines of the groin

The lame (Conductive jacket) must conform as follows

m.28 The conductive surface of the conductive over-jacket which is worn over the protective jacket must cover the valid target of the fencer (cf. t.47) entirely and without omission when standing upright, when in the on guard position and when lunging.