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-2nd January 2004, 15:14
Hey, I would introduce my self . My name is Noah, i am 14 and be fencing for little under 2 years. Its such a fun sport. I would thanks everyone for the tips i found out on this forum. Also I was wondering dose anyone from the states use this forum is are is manly people in the British Isles.


-2nd January 2004, 15:21
Hi welcome to forum a place of insanity.

No tho ask a serious question and you will get a seriuos answer.

-2nd January 2004, 15:27
it is insane tho! i'm here!

there are some poeple from the states using the forum, i have seen someone form new york on here! cant rember name tho!

-3rd January 2004, 15:15
Ah, another American! Welcome! :party:

-3rd January 2004, 15:18
see i knew there were some people from over the pond here^! no offence! i love the usa, ive been twice, i wanna visit again!

-3rd January 2004, 16:03
well i've been to wales :tongue:

-3rd January 2004, 17:02
Well if everyone insane here i guess i am in the right place. I to lived in england for a half of year and thats where i picked up fencing i bet.

-4th January 2004, 05:03
Greetings from New York City!! This IS the place!! :sam:

-4th January 2004, 10:06
hmm no i would say the place is my fencing club it seems to be where i spend all my time.

-4th January 2004, 10:14
Originally posted by uk_45
hmm no i would say the place is my fencing club it seems to be where i spend all my time.

no you spend all your time on the forum!

-4th January 2004, 10:16
Originally posted by hayleyjade
no you spend all your time on the forum!

not true i have school forum pub and fencing and i'm really on loads cos its the hols so hahahahahahahahahahaha

-4th January 2004, 13:14
school - pub... hope you've got a good fake id

-4th January 2004, 13:43
nop just look a older and am tall and long hair seems to help.

-4th January 2004, 13:46
and that fake beard... works wonders!:tongue:

-4th January 2004, 13:49
yeah but i wish they used a better glue it really hurts taking it off.

-4th January 2004, 13:51
pulls all ya hairs out does it?!?:tongue:
won't be long to this goes to chit-chat...:confused:

-4th January 2004, 13:52
nope not really

-4th January 2004, 18:10
Welcome, Hamley. As you see, give them the opportunity and they'll ramble on about ANYTHING...

What's your weapon? Where did you start your fencing.

Enjoy the forum, now, as well as the fencing.......:grin: :grin:

-4th January 2004, 19:42
So they like to fight, I guess lol. I currently do foil at the local club twice a week, in a class and once with a private teacher. I started at the club and plane on being there for awhile...... And thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

-4th January 2004, 19:48
:beer: heres to random posts!

welcome! welcome!

-4th January 2004, 20:05
I would join you but i am to young.....

-5th January 2004, 13:12
so's she.:tongue:

-5th January 2004, 15:57
well so are you! just cos you look older!

still doesnt stop my, the rents do! grr!

-5th January 2004, 18:59
To bad there wern't teen girls in my area fencing grrr

-6th January 2004, 15:09
there is at my club. Wouldnt mind some off the nicer ones from the from coming down (hayley and aoife PM me for more info):tongue:

-6th January 2004, 16:53
teehee! :o

how do i jnow ur joking / taking the mickey mouse?