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-5th January 2004, 16:10
When you buy footwear for the sport what do you take into consideration?
Which is your favourite brand and do you like shoes or boots?
Do you like a tight fit and when you budget is there a good comprimise?
What makes a good fencing sock?

Thanks for all this helpful posting.


NLSC Sabreur
-5th January 2004, 16:47
I buy what I can try on at comps or the Leon Paul shop (easy travel for me) rather than order. I used to use Adidas Dartagnan but then bought some Adidas Equipment after some bad comps in the hope that I might fencer better. Do they help me fencer better? NO not one bit as I switched back to the old ones for a couple nights and fenced just as well. I have felt a big difference in how sore my feet and knees are after a comp or training day with the new Equipment shoes compared to the Dartagnan. For reduced wear and tear I can definately recommend spending the extra cash on good shoes. (I weigh plenty, move fast but with less than elegant footwork so I do lot more damage to myself than most.)

Just to add the Equipment shoes are an absolute nightmare if the floor is wet or greasy. I take my Dartagnan shoes with me in case of floor problems.

-5th January 2004, 17:01
Thanks and I realized a little while ago that the site search can find alot on this too.


-29th January 2004, 10:59
I bought Viktoria boots last July

I fence twice a week and maybe 2 in 5 w/e's at comps. Given that I fence sabre it is rare that I fence on a mettalic piste.

I love the boots but the grip on the soles has worn away dramatically, and the stiching is giving away around the in-step

Anyone else found the same?
What warranty do they come with?
Can they be re-soled?
Coz I is well peed-of - they aren't cheap!

-5th February 2004, 23:46
I loved the Adidas blue stripe, and bought an extra pair before they were discontinued to save for competitions. I bought France Lames for practice, and really don't like them at all, but at least I have them in practice to save wear and tear on the Adidas.

I always have heel cups in both shoes, and that makes any shoe feel that much better.

-15th February 2004, 18:28
I just wear some trainers I bought from a designer outlet in Ashford for 10. They're very comfortably, nver had any soreness from them. The grip is fine on most surfaces (though can slip a little on highly polished ceramic gym floors). They're slip-on with no laces, which is great because it means nobody can do the "your laces are undone" trick (heehee, my coach hasn't managed to get me with that one yet, but my friend falls for it constantly).

Picture of my shoes are attached (they're hard to describe).

My socks are just Uhlmann's cheapest fencing socks... they do fine, had a few nasty hits to the legs, but I'm sure they'd have been much worse with no socks (how anyone can fight without socks on is beyond me... I've seen kids fighting in mid-thigh length shorts and no socks! OUCH!). Once at practise I forgot my socks, so I used one of the younger fencer's padded hockey socks and they were fine (bright green, but fine.... oooh, and I fear there may be a photo of me wearing them somewhere in the world, as my friend had a camera that day :eek: )

-15th February 2004, 18:30
Whoops, I forgot to attach my feet!

-16th February 2004, 21:34
Oh there some nice feet lol:tongue:

-17th February 2004, 14:13
I wear Hi-Tec squash shoes, nice and comfy with good grip, shock absorption and they are nice and light. They come in half sizes which is good for fine tuning the fit. They are also pretty good value for money (30-35).

As for socks I got some adidias ones cheap on eBay, the main thing too look out for is a high cotton content this should help reduce sweaty feet syndrome.

-17th February 2004, 14:33
Sorbothane insoles are a must. I've just discovered them, and can't believe I haven't always been using them. Rip your old ones out and replace with the Double Strike Insole.


ChubbyHubby told me about them about a year ago. What he should of done was taken me down the shop and made me buy a pair.


-17th February 2004, 16:41

you oldies need to look after yourselves better.



p.s. when I fence I wear sorbothane insoles and heel cups.

-17th February 2004, 16:46
adidas assymetrical fencing shoes for metallic pistes, squash shoes for gym floor... and just some thickish long white socks

-17th February 2004, 23:16
Originally posted by haggis

p.s. when I fence I wear sorbothane insoles and heel cups.

Well worth the money.

-18th February 2004, 16:31
Try Wilson tennis shoes - even my old feet develop wings!

-19th February 2004, 13:33
I currently use a pair of Adidas "FloorHockey/Handball" type of shoe and I looove them!

I used to have an old pair of Adidas fencingshoes (now out of production) and I really liked them too.

However, my experience is that they're not worth the HIGH price as the soles tend to wear out very quickly when fencing on metallic pistes. The ones I'm using now works wonderfully on either surface. (And our salle has wooden floor, beleive it or not!)

I've never heard of anyone "resoling" thier shoes, but if your old shoes has lost the grip you could put glue on the soles. The type of glue that handball players use to get a grip on their balls... :tongue:

(Pardon moi, I couldn't resist that! *LOL*)