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The Little Un
-5th January 2004, 20:09
I am new to this forum, in fact Though I did a little sabre manys years ago, before many of you were born I expect, I had my first Foil Competitions Recently. I was at the Warwick Novice Foil, the fought at the BUSA Championships where I came 34th out of 41.
I only came 50th out of 51 in the Epee but seing as I had my first lesson on an epee on the Wednesday and fought at Nottingham on the Saturday I went out in DE but did manage to take four points off of Meg Schofield. In the foil on the Sunday I was the only person to take a point off of Kate Gardner and actually won my first fight ever in foil.

Maybe not world shattering success but I am pleased with the start that I have made. Just hope that my abre Lame arrives before the Kent Tournamanet this weekend.

Best wishes,

-5th January 2004, 20:11
Welcome !!

this is some madhouse a lot of the time, but good info available too.

Enjoy !!:grin:

-6th January 2004, 15:07
yep welcome to the place where sanity and insantiy meet. with interesting results.

-15th January 2004, 14:24
New to this board - hi!
Can I say, well done getting a hit on Kate - she's been my nemesis sinse we were in age groups together. I only didn't come up against her this time because I couldn't stay for the foil...

-15th January 2004, 14:37
Welcome one and all to the Moose and Roger show :grin: