View Full Version : PBT & Battling

-6th January 2004, 11:54
I bought some PBT kit thru Battling last month. Am shopping online again and surprised to find Battling now redirect fencing buyers to a new PBT UK website (pretty much same content as previous battling online store).

Anyone know the score? Have Battling lost PBT agency? Anyone tried PBT UK since this change and have they been satisfactory?

(I was quite impressed with Battling's service).

-6th January 2004, 13:31
i think they've just changed the location of the stock as Battling no longer sell the fencing kit - i assume its coming from pbt directly.

-29th January 2004, 15:07
As far as I'm aware battling sold the Fencing side to a coach in southern England - Ian Briggs. As for service previously it was excellent, suppose time will tell on new service.

-29th January 2004, 15:13
Yep. I've since made two orders with the new PBT franchisee: first handled AOK and the second in the pipeline with no expectation of being disappointed.

-29th January 2004, 16:29
As I mentioned in the Corble thread, I got two new sabre blades from Ian last week. Very nice blades, and more importantly, I collected them from a local club, hence I didnt need to get to a shop during business hours. He was expecting a massive order of kit, as stocks were quite low, but thumbs up for customer service.