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Neil Brown
-10th January 2010, 20:12
Please see the following advert for the Chef de Mission on the British Fencing web site:-


Selection date is Monday 18th Jan, fencers in the top 10 of the rankings should check the ranking lists for accuracy now.

Best of success to all those competing at the weekend.

Neil Brown
-20th January 2010, 14:05
British Fencing is pleased to announce that the team of 24 fencers was selected by the International Committee this week.

Details & links to full information for the selected fencers is on the web site at http://www.britishfencing.com/British_Fencing.asp?PageID=1753

Neil Brown
-22nd January 2010, 12:56
Quick reminder to the 30 fencers on the selection list that you need to do something now.

Please complete & return all the documents & information as described in the information for the team fencers at http://sabrerankings.250x.com/athensinfo10.pdf

If you look at the spreadsheet & there is any red in your row that means I am waiting for something from you.

Neil Brown
-24th January 2010, 15:14
Please see a map showing the venue & the hotel in Athens at: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&t=h&msa=0&msid=101740413562329073801.00047ddc2c64c116c44d6&z=13

Neil Brown
-26th January 2010, 17:56
Latest information for the team now up.

Please can you all read & confirm you are happy with the flight & hotel details.

-2nd February 2010, 21:11
Email me with details NOW please - whether because you already have a jacket OR wih details for the jacket I am to order for you.

Attached pease find the order form for optional leisure kit. Orders for evefrything no later than Friday midnight please. If we don't hear from you re a jacket, an estimate of size will be made.

THAT INCLUDES THOSE WHO DON'T TELL ME YOU ALREADY HAVE A JACKET, cos we don't know unless you tell us.....simple.

Neil Brown
-5th February 2010, 11:37
I am still waiting for some essential information from some fencers for this event.

As you know, any red in your row on the information spreadsheet means you need to do something.

If any of you have a hotmail email account you've missed some emailed information from me. My recent emails to the team have been pointing out new information that is online so if you have read both documents & the event web site you have not missed anything

-6th February 2010, 13:29
is there any chance of supervised accommodation the night before the training day?

Neil Brown
-11th February 2010, 10:05
Congratulations to the personal coaches of the 24 fencers & 6 reserves selected for this event.

Sue Benney
Adam Blight
Steve Davey
Andrey Geva
Kamil Golisz
Pierre Harper 3 fencers
Matt Haynes 2 fencers
Andy Hill
David Kirby 2 fencers
Bryan Lewis
Ian Lichfield
Stuart Marshall
Brian Matless
Mark Nelson-Griffiths
Jim Philbin
Ken Rose
Jon Salfield 2 fencers
Philip Shepherd-Foster 2 fencers
Wojek Van Barneveld
Ian Williams
Maciej Wojtkowiak
Peter Wright

-18th February 2010, 20:59
is there anyone willing (and qualified by BF regs) to supervise a few cadets on the evening between academy and euro training? this weekend. we are willing to pay accommodation costs as usual.

disappointingly, although BF are organising both events, nobody from BF is organising the overnight stay.

Shakespeare's Xiphoi
-19th February 2010, 09:21
Try the Shepherd Fosters or Jon Salfield.

Neil Brown
-21st February 2010, 19:11
Well done to all the fencers for their efforts at the team preparation day today.

Thanks to all the coaches, helpers & sparring partners who worked hard to make this a successful & enjoyable day for everyone.

Fencers, please make sure you read the weapon control document & do everything it says before you get to Athens.

Neil Brown
-25th February 2010, 11:39
Please note latest information including meeting point & contacts for the Heathrow departures

Neil Brown
-2nd March 2010, 09:39
Results are going up at

Other reports on www.twitter.com

-2nd March 2010, 11:41
Everyone in WS and MF out apart from Alex Tofalidis- who is ranked 14th and into the 32...

MF: All the boys made it through the poules.
WS: Jones and Ridgeon made it through poules but out in 64.

-2nd March 2010, 12:39
Tofalidis strolls nonchalantly into the 16, 15-4..

Faces Knitter (POL)

-2nd March 2010, 13:52
Tofalidis edges into the L8, 7-6...

-2nd March 2010, 14:52
Lost 15-11.

Still, a L8 is a great result.

Well done.

-2nd March 2010, 14:54
Great effort Toffy, well done !!

-2nd March 2010, 16:06
Well done to Alex. A Top 8 result in the European Cadet Championships is a good result.


-3rd March 2010, 07:52
Well done Toffee. :not_worth:not_worth:not_worth


Pere fleuret
-3rd March 2010, 08:10
All the girl foilists safely through the poules. King and Clarke 4/6, Sudderick 3/6 and Kubler 2/6 taking the last qualifying place.

Pere fleuret
-3rd March 2010, 10:40
3 girls out 1 left into the 32 ..... Ife Kubler.

-3rd March 2010, 11:35
come on Ife!

-3rd March 2010, 12:15
Men's epee, Frewin & Hudson win in the 128, Marsh & Littler had byes to the 64

-3rd March 2010, 12:16
Men's epee, Littler out to German opponent in the L64

-3rd March 2010, 12:34
Marsh out in the 64, Hudson & Frewin into the 32

-3rd March 2010, 13:29
Hudson out to a Russian fencer in the 32, frewin fences in a few minutes
Does anyone know what seed Frewin beat to get to the last 32 ? If he started 66 seed it must have been a high one ?

-3rd March 2010, 13:45

-3rd March 2010, 14:01
Frewin also goes out in the 32 !

-3rd March 2010, 16:23
Considering James went over on his ankle at the BYC SE qualifier on Sunday (which he was doing as extra practice) and it was touch and go whether he would fence, a pretty good result, shame about the accident as his mobility must have been effected.

-4th March 2010, 06:27
Good Luck in the team events today.

-4th March 2010, 06:54
Boys foilsits beat Ukraine 45 - 18. Italy next.

-4th March 2010, 06:55
That should be Foilists!!!!!

Pere fleuret
-4th March 2010, 08:55
Great Britain 43 Italy 43. Bring on the French!

coach carson
-4th March 2010, 09:12

Odd Job
-4th March 2010, 09:36
beat Italy 44/43

France next

-4th March 2010, 09:44
Go Boys. Bring on the French

Pere fleuret
-4th March 2010, 10:24
45 -38 to Great Britain!

-4th March 2010, 10:25
Guaranteed a medal. Now Russia in the final.

coach carson
-4th March 2010, 10:26
In the final against Russia. Superb!!!

-4th March 2010, 10:55
Excellent day from our Men's Foil team so far.

Really good luck in the final.


-4th March 2010, 11:15
Good luck boys! :)

-4th March 2010, 11:34
The Russian boys came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the individual. It's going to be tough to say the least.

Ronald Velden
-4th March 2010, 11:37
An excellent performance by foilists. It shows that when a weapon is well
organized and properly resourced what can be achieved.

Pere fleuret
-4th March 2010, 11:40
Just had a thought whilst in the garden.

Has anyone had permission for the British to upset the natural order of things
like this?

Looking forward to picking daughter up from the French salle tonight!

Neil Brown
-4th March 2010, 11:47
Updates during the match at www.twitter.com/britishfencing, starts at 3pm here.

WS team today had 2 matches, lost to Germany & beat Greece to finish 9th.

Men's sabre & women's epee individuals tomorrow morning.

WS 3rd place match is on the 4th fight now on the podium piste, Chris Farren refereeing. MF team final will follow this match.

Pere fleuret
-4th March 2010, 11:54
France lose 30 - 45 to Germany in 3rd place match

-4th March 2010, 12:38
This is simply magnificant

-4th March 2010, 13:06
for those not on twitter

Last fight Tofalides has too much of a mountain to climb & the match ends 45-33 to end an excellent day of fencing. GBR silver medal

what a great result ... well done all!! fantastic achievement

-4th March 2010, 13:45
A brilliant result from the men's foilists. Congratulations to the boys!


-4th March 2010, 13:55
What a fantastic result. Well Done to everyone involved.

-4th March 2010, 14:31
British Men's Foil Team Win Silver Medal at European Championships

Congratulations to our Cadet Men's Foil team of Alex Tofalides, Kristjan Archer, Kareem Cheriton and Alex Savin who defeated The Ukraine, Italy and France before losing to Russia to win the Silver medal at the European Cadet Championships.

This is a superb result by the team. Many congratulations also to all their coaches.

Keith Smith

Neil Brown
-5th March 2010, 12:31

-5th March 2010, 12:50
Caitlin into the last 16 in Girls Epee. Good Luck

-5th March 2010, 14:27
Caitlin made the top 16 and then lost. A pleasing result for Caitlin.


-5th March 2010, 14:41
Caitlin made the top 16 and then lost. A pleasing result for Caitlin.

Well done Caitlin! :not_worth

-5th March 2010, 19:30
well done Caitlin :)

just arrived back from Athens, the Greeks are having a lot of fun with the tourists by taking it in turns to be on strike,taxis one day, then buses, today it was the airport, our easyjet flight was cancelled, the alternative flight offered was..... next wednesday, we took the refund and came home with BA.

Good luck to the other teams fencing tomorrow, esp men's epee, including YSJ :)

The Driver
-5th March 2010, 21:31
Welcome to Greece - even before their much-publicised woes there was always an excuse for a strike if there was a significant overseas element in town

-6th March 2010, 07:39
Back late last night with the girls sabre team and the boys foil team. The GB squad has been fantastic and it was a privilege to be out in Athens as part of the team.

Although the foil final should have been the piece de resistance, for me and others it was the Italy match that caused the sore throat, sweaty palms and tears in the eyes. The Italians came on the piste, all wearing silly plastic sunglasses:cool:, having obviously decided this was going to be a bit of a stroll. Our boys fenced fantastically and well deserved their win. The French just didn't know what to do with them and if the final had been decided on the cheering of the supporters we would have won 45-0!:D

The Greek taxis were on strike for 48 hours at the beginning of the week and yesterday there were no buses, trolley buses, metro trains and suburban trains and to cap it all the air traffic controllers were on strike between midday and four meaning a four hour delay for our flight. I left Heathrow at 21.30 having sent all the fencers (all with their fencing bags too) on their weary way - 2 of them on their way to Nottingham to compete in the Open today and tomorrow - watch out lady epeeists as two of your fellow competitors are sabreurs!!!

A big thank you must go to Neil for the organisation of this trip and to the coaches and of the course the fencers but maybe they won't mind when I say my biggest thank you goes to Pierre and Linda and the silver medal foil team - you made my trip.

Best wishes to those still to fence and a safe trip back to UK.

Foilling Around
-6th March 2010, 10:39
Girls foil team seeded 10th beat Ukraine, seeded 7th so made the L8! Lost to Russia in the quarters and then France the first play off match. Yet to fence Hungary for 7th place. Well done girls already for bettering your seeded and good luck for the next match.

Neil Brown
-7th March 2010, 05:55

Latest information about British fencers at twitter.com/britishfencing & these can be set to send as text to a mobile.

Full results, usually within a few minutes, at http://www.cadeteurofencing2010.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&id=2&Itemid=12&lang=en