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-15th January 2010, 13:34
I see that there's now some links on the front page of the forum: you might like to run your spell checker over them :whistle:

-15th January 2010, 15:17
Any better?

God I hate English.

-15th January 2010, 21:57
Apart from the links not working, fine :)

-24th January 2010, 22:18
Any better?

God I hate English.

I hardly think that Leon Paul need much SEO black-hatting (that looks like link-stuffing on the front page to me, no matter how innocent you may think it is).

-4th March 2010, 12:37
Any better?

God I hate English.

Still broken me old mucka.

<h1 class="style4">For the best <a href="www.leonpaul.com">fencing equipment </a>available in the uk visit <a href="www.leonpaul.com">www.leonpaul.com</a></h1>
<h1 class="style4">For top <a href="www.leonpaulusa.com">fencing gear</a> visit <a href="www.leonpaulusa.com">www.leonpaulusa.com</a></h1>
<h1 class="style4">Leon Paul France .:. <a href="www.leonpaulfrance.com">Materiels d'escrime</a> - Accueil <a href="www.leonpaulfrance.com">www.leonpaulfrance.com</a></h1>

The links are wrong, no http:// in front of them so browsers think they are local relative links and append http://www.fencingforum.com/ in front of them which doesn't work.



-21st March 2010, 21:25
Links on the front page? Now that could be a memorable tag-line. And what have we got so far? Spelling checkers, techie-Trekkers and HTML- pedants?
Here's my wish-list starting from position one.
Next weeks lottery numbers, that would do nicely.
Until then I have no second position although I do suspect that I may go for an HML response that disallows others from viewing that particular page!
I live in hope:)