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-8th January 2004, 17:45
Hi, not really a sabreur, I was wondering if the hands are on target or not? I've heard both! Thanks.

-8th January 2004, 18:03
In steam sabre they are and electric they are not. which is weird i know.

-8th January 2004, 18:06
You're right that is wierd! I suppose it's to do with the trouble of making lame gloves... but you'd think they'd remove it from the steam target area.

Anyway, thanks for clearing that up.

-8th January 2004, 18:13
They are able to make a lame cufed glove a asume the problem would be griping the blade.

-8th January 2004, 20:57
Originally posted by uk_45
In steam sabre they are and electric they are not. which is weird i know.

Erm, not really....

Target now stops at the cuff in sabre, was changed in 2000(?) I think.

They same rules apply in electric and steam, though at club level you may be given the benefit of the doubt.

-8th January 2004, 21:15
Yeah the problem comes from the fact that the FIE rules apply to comps and the like and so all the rules as far as i know are for electric.

-8th January 2004, 21:39
Ok, I'm confused. Officially hands are now of target in steam as well?

-8th January 2004, 23:06

-9th January 2004, 09:53
Although often if you hit far enough up the sword hand the lame overlay has been hit also. Just to confuse matters :grin:

-9th January 2004, 14:30
Yep, and if you're sweaty, your hand can be hit and conduct anyway....

-9th January 2004, 14:44
which is v annoying - wash your sabre glove regularly to reduce the amount of electrolytes (sweat!) in the material

whilst hitting the hand doesn't get you a point, it can be quite satisfying - from experience getting hit on the fingers hurts like **** and watches can explode in a dramatic way if hit

-13th January 2004, 23:34
Or just clip em good on the thumb and use the ensuing panic to hit em on the head :)

The Little Un
-14th January 2004, 19:03
I noticed that you said hands and not hand. Well if you hit my left hand intentianaly you would probably find my right having contact with some part of your anatomy. Still I am sure that you did not mean that anway. Mind you it would be hard to his my bare hand as my jacket and lame sleeves are longer than my arm..:(

Best wishes,

-15th January 2004, 14:09
a clip to the off hand is always a good way to teach someone not to cover their target with it...

-15th January 2004, 15:09
I got one the other night the annoying thing is my hand was only up for a second!

-15th January 2004, 16:00
The trick is to follow it up immediately with a hit to a target area :)