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-8th January 2004, 18:59
When ever I lunge, or attack. I always fall short of my target by one or so inches, and hit the person but it never registers on the machine. Its extreamly frusterating in tornaments when you hit them and it dosn't register. Anyone have any tips on a ways to help this?

Also i have a bad habbit of tapping the target, not flicking, but tapping. Anyone know any good ways to break habbits.


-8th January 2004, 21:17
I used to have this problem, and it reoccurs occasionally. The problem is that I don't extend my arm when lunging, and instead attack with a bent arm. Also, I lead with my legs and close distance too quickly - that ties in. To solve this, I do lunges at a gym and focus on extending "arm first". Set up the lunge with the proper small quick footwork, and when it's time to lunge make believe your arm is being sucked to the target by a magnet dragging your whole body along with it. Don't slap the target, stab it.

If you need to disengage during your arm-first attacks, use your fingers and not the big swooping movements with your whole shoulder. Keep the point heading towards the target, and make a nice deep well balanced lunge with your arm first. You'll get parried a lot in the beginning, but that can be useful and is necessary later.

Video tape yourself, you'll probably see the action that's causing this.

-8th January 2004, 23:45
i try to imagine my arm being pulled forward so my body has to follow. or thrusting the arm out and following etc. the tapping thing could be fear of hurting the opponent and pulling back just at the moment of impact. you could try hitting through the opponent (but not too far through) a little, going for a bend in the blade at impact. a good drill for this is when you're doing pair work, any attack, hold the point in place for a few seconds rather than pulling back. could be way wrong with what i think you're doing but hope this helps

Pointy stick
-9th January 2004, 00:47
If you're ending up an inch or two short, it can only be one of two things:

1) You're starting from an inch or two too far away, or,
2) You're not lunging far enough!

I find that my practice lunges are waaaay better than my fighting lunges. I guess that's pretty common. In fact, I get the impression that many fencers seldom or never lunge at all.

One thing that has helped me a lot with my lunging is learning the end position. Instead of just lunging and seeing where I end up, I deliberately put myself into a lunge position, make sure that my front foot is straight, my torso is at the correct angle, my arm is straight, and my back foot is (er... more or less) flat. Then I bob up and down a little and learn what the position feels like. Then, when I practise a lunge, I aim to get into that position.

Another thing that's helped me is going into the lunge position, then, inch by inch, pushing the back foot backwards to make the 'lunge' longer. This feels like it's training my legs to stretch into the required position.

Putting it into practice in a real fight? Maybe you need to practise an intermediate stage between lunging at a target and actually fighting for points which invoves a training partner, and much forward and backwards movement so that you get used to lunging at the right distance.

Remember the basics and run through the list to check you're doing them all. A skill not practised carefully inevitably deteriorates.

-9th January 2004, 00:57
Thanks for your tip everone. I will practice what you reconmend this weekend, and go test them out in the fencing center on monday.


-9th January 2004, 15:01
Also, if you are able to stay relaxed while lunging you will find that the same effort you put in to a lunge now will make you lunge a bit further. (Or so I am told - I have a lot of problems with tension in my shoulder while lunging. I am practicing breathing out while lunging, which helps when I do it properly!)