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Barry Paul
-8th January 2004, 22:22
Junior series.

Over the last few months I have been told off for not getting the results out on time and that I should use some of the money we make from the series to improve their running and results on line.
I just thought every one should know that Leon Paul do not receive any money or income from entry fees for any Leon Paul Junior Series Competitions. We spend approx 20,000 pounds on the 30 plus competitions. Prizes, medals, funding Simon trinder (the coordinator), advertising, supplying apparatus to some events and keeping the results (most of the time) up to date. We do have a stand at some events suppyling a armoury service and equipment for sale and in the longer term we benifit from having more fencers. So if the results are slow in coming or one particular event is not perfect please complain nicely and we will do our best to make things better. Happy New Year Barry Paul

-9th January 2004, 09:54
We love you Barry.:grin:

-9th January 2004, 16:05
yes we do, o its true......

-10th January 2004, 00:07
...as I've said before, where WOULD we be without you/the series.....

Keep it up, please :grin:

-29th January 2004, 18:30
where's my guage

Chris Morgan
-23rd February 2004, 21:12
Whatever anyone else says barry i think you and the other guys on the leon paul team are doing a bang-up job, keep it up. I hope to attend more events next year definately the arnold and warwick epee.