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-8th January 2004, 22:27
i was looking for a differant way to keep fit is this a good way and am i to old to start.

-8th January 2004, 22:56
It would be a good way to get fit, if it eren't for the refuelling. :cheers2:

And you're not too old to start - and that's without knowing your age. The oldest beginner I've heard off was 75 when he started (and still going nearly 20 years later).

Boo Boo
-9th January 2004, 10:13
Hi :)

You are never too old to start! Its maybe not the best time to start if your ambition is to be Olympic Champion, but if you want a challenge and some fun then you will be fine :)

With fencing, like many other sports, what you get out of it fitness-wise depends upon what you put in. You don't need to be fit to start fencing and not all fencers are fit.

Being older, ensure that you don't over-do it and always ensure that you warm up and stretch before and warm down and stretch after a session. Look after yourself :)

If you are UK based, then look at http://www.leonpaul.com/links/uk.htm for a club near you. Most people here will be happy to give you advice on which club to pick. If you aren't from the UK, then which country? Maybe we can help with that too.

Go along and give it a try :)


-9th January 2004, 10:56
thanks for the advice guys dissapointed i want make the olympics this year though:) i am age 44 i think my nearest club is haslingden in lancashire if it is still running,no doubt i will be posting when i join.

Boo Boo
-9th January 2004, 11:11
Ah, but there is another Olympics in four years time (whether fencing will still be in it, may be another matter though....)

I am not familiar with Lancashire (although my husband fenced at Preston a few times, MANY years ago...).

Let us know how you get on :)


-9th January 2004, 12:04
Is there some doubt as to fencings future as an Olympic sport?

I sincerely hope not. It's one of only a handful of sports (at most) to have featured in every single Modern Olympics.

Boo Boo
-9th January 2004, 12:15
Considering, for example, Women's Foil: countries used to be able to enter full teams up until about the early 90s (could be wrong here...?), last Olympics the entry number was about 48 in the world, this Olympics it will be 24 in the world (can someone confirm these numbers...?).... I think that is a definite downwards trend :( (even if my dates/numbers aren't spot on).

Admittedly, WF should be back as a team event in the next Olympics (so there should be 36(?) indivuals competing), but who knows...

I don't know, maybe I am being overly pesimistic here, but the Olympics seems to be less about history and tradition and more about televlision/sponsorship/money year on year. Therefore, unless fencing becomes more attractive to the general public/television/sponsors, its days may be numbered as more attractive sports get introduced (since the IOC is keen to cap the number of competitiors and medals awarded at the games).

So watch out for fencing being pushed out by "synchronised pairs aerobics", "cheerleading" (both of which get more coverage on Satellite TV than fencing) and probably "mixed doubles mud wrestling"... (not sure if that has made Satelitte TV yet - at least not on the channels I look at...)

Still, fencing is a fantastic sport and I love it.


-9th January 2004, 12:29
I know exactly what yuo are saying boo boo, and agree completely. It's a shame, because I thnk that fencing could be made a really good TV sport, with a little technology.

Just one quick idea would be to use high speed cameras, permitting sharp slow motion replay, combined with point-tracing graphics to make pretty lines on the replay showing the motion of the point through the phrase.

I'm sure this would be possible, but it's quite possible that the camera speed required to capture the point in motion might make it too expensive to be reasonable.

Sorry kincutter, to have gone so far off-topic. To show willing:

I'm 37 and very much overweight, though I am fairly fit. I'd say that fencing is a good way to get fit in two senses. One is that you get a workout whenever you fence (and you if really work hard, it can be a real workout), the other is that if you catch the bug, it's the best motivation in the world for using other methods to get fit to help your fencing. My time in the gym is much more bearable now that I know I will see the benefit on the piste!

-9th January 2004, 19:48
found my local club just 5 minutes away i will be going on wednesday night.:)

-10th January 2004, 00:03
Lucky you to have a club so near !!!

Welcome on board - enjoy !!

-15th January 2004, 08:15
last night first lesson ,fantastic can't wait till next week i am going to like this sport for sure.

-27th February 2004, 21:20
well it is i h ave been fencing for two months now and feel great, my starter kit comes to morrow and i am looking forward to my first comp i am going to stay with epee.:)

-27th February 2004, 21:47
it's a great sport. I started just over 2 years ago at age 37 as well. With doing it just for fun its excellent. I started recently trying sabre - now that is better than foil!! Enjoy.