View Full Version : More on bendiness

-9th January 2004, 10:55
OK, I seem to have become obsessed by the bendiness of my blades.

I've just got a new blade. Before using it, is there anything I should do (apart from attaching a handle, etc)?

Should new blades have some time spent on flexing them before use?

In case it makes a difference, it's an LP BF blade.

-9th January 2004, 12:54
We (royal?) used to get a decent bend into a new blade to just make it more comfortable on first use. Of course now with the restrictions on blade curvature you have to be a little more careful than back then.

Still a little pre-flexing may help.

A piece of advice I got when I first started on the circuit was to rotate the blades in use so -

a) they wear equally
b) you don't develop favourite blades
c) blades are ready for use without seeming new

Probably more important than any curvature is the set you first apply. I use a template, an old broken blade, to do this.

Hope this helps.