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-13th February 2010, 21:42
Results from today:

Mens Foil

1 Whittaker Sean Dundee
2 Addison Gavin Heriot Watt
3 Bircham Joshua Stirling
3 Pocock Matt Stirling
5 Gordon Adam St Andrews
6 Hedberg Magnus Edinburgh
7 Green Lorne Dundee
8 Partridge-Hicks Richard Edinburgh
9 Miller Alisdair Stirling
10 Slater Joe St Andrews
11 Brebner Gregoire Heriot Watt
12 Dougan Patrick Glasgow
13 Soutar Ruaridh Dundee
14 Chalmers Michael St Andrews
15 McNiven Iain Glasgow
16 Kunka Jamie Dundee
17 Heatherwick James Glasgow Caledonian
18 Murphy Sean Glasgow
19 Johnstone Christopher Heriot Watt
20 Poole Cowley James Glasgow
21 Myers Dale Edinburgh
22 Crombie Alexander Heriot Watt
23 Fairweather Bruce Aberdeen
24 Olley James Aberdeen
25 Rinka Reinis Edinburgh
26 Freeman Kenneth Edinburgh
27 Love Michael Glasgow
28 Stanley Peter St Andrews
29 MacKillop Douglas Aberdeen
30 Platten Jonathon St Andrews
31 Steele Richard Aberdeen
32 Gibbs-Smith David Aberdeen
33 Prisco Mario St Andrews

-13th February 2010, 21:47
Womens Epee:

1 Toy Hannah Glasgow
2 Malins Niamh Dundee
3 Alexander Kirsty St Andrews
3 Miller Lyndsey Edinburgh
5 Heverkerl Anne-Christine Edinburgh

-13th February 2010, 21:52
Womens Sabre:

1 Ioannidou Kalliopi Glasgow
2 Palfy Gabriella Abertay
3 Puteney Sophie Glasgow
3 Wilson Jane Dundee
5 Dobson Phillipa Edinburgh
6 Rennie Hannah Edinburgh
7 Cotter Melissa Edinburgh
8 Anderson Laura Glasgow
9 Keizer Ahkin Dundee
10 Cook Nikki Heriot Watt

-14th February 2010, 22:22
And todays results:

1. Toy, Hannah Glasgow
2. Anderson, Laura Glasgow
3. Keizer, Ahkin Dundee
3. Miller Lyndsey Edinburgh
5. Wilson, Jane Dundee
6. Palfy, Gabriella Abertay
7. Cook, Nikki Heriot Watt
8. Williams, Rowena Glasgow
9. Punteney, Sophie Glasgow
10. Alexander, Kirsty St Andrews
11. Gunn, Fiona Dundee
12. Cotter, Melissa Edinburgh
13. Rennie, Hannah Edinburgh
14. Dobson, Phillipa Edinburgh
15. Heverkerl, Anne Christine Edinburgh
16. Ayoubi, Nadia Glasgow

-14th February 2010, 22:44
Men's Epee

1. Gordon, Adam St Andrews
2. Miller, Alisdair Stirling
3. Crombie, Alexander Heriot Watt
3. Pocock, Matt Stirling
5. Stanley, Peter St Andrews
6. MacKillop, Douglas Aberdeen
7. Bircham, Joshua Stirling
8. Soutar, Ruaridh Dundee
9. Brebner, Gregoire Heriot Watt
10. Poole-Cowley, James Glasgow
11. McNiven, Iain Glasgow
12. Platten, Jonathon St Andrews
13. Addison, Gavin Heriot Watt
14. Prisco, Mario St Andrews
15. Gibbs-Smith, David Aberdeen
16. Myers, Dale Edinburgh
17. Davenport, Tom Dundee

-14th February 2010, 22:45
Men's Sabre

1. Dougan, Patrick Glasgow
2. Fairweather, Bruce Aberdeen
3. Johnstone, Christopher Heriot Watt
3. Slater, Joe St Andrews
5. Kunka, Jamie Dundee
6. Love, Michael Glasgow
7. Freeman, Kenneth Edinburgh
8. Partridge-Hicks, Richard Edinburgh
9. Rinka, Reinis Edinburgh
10. Hedberg, Magnus Edinburgh
11. Murphy, Sean Glasgow

-14th February 2010, 22:48
Sorry, the first set of results from today is for women's foil.

The results will be available shortly on the SUS website. A copy has now also been emailed out to all universities and Sports Unions (at least all the ones I have contacts for)

Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend at the SUS Individuals in Aberdeen!

Thank you to everyone who helped in the organisation and running of this event and to the host uni, St Andrews. Everyone did a great job!

-15th February 2010, 22:45
A brief event report now available at the following link;


-16th February 2010, 00:32
Nine unis, 51 entrants. Now that is an impressive pair of stats!
I'm a tad worried though.
Please reassure me, Jen, that you will do everything in your power to dissuade this bumper crop of Student Fencers from entering any of the four remaining Scottish Opens!
As you are well aware, an influx of new blood is a bad thing!
Inflated NIF's will attract predatory fencers from south of the border who'll happily steal precious metals from respectable Scottish rate payers.
An increased demand for entries may fill up available places so rapidly that our time-honoured tradition of last-minute posting of participation may be capped!
Last, but not least, think about the catering implications. The planet has only a finite reserve of black-pudding and toasties!

-16th February 2010, 10:26
And what's more, every single one of them is now an SF member.... most of them having taken out their membership just for this event :D I'll be encouraging them all to enter any competition they like and sincerely hope that this will boost the numbers at all the Scottish Opens.

Next event is the SUS Individuals in Aberdeen this weekend. Any last minute entries should be emailed in to scottishstudentfencing@hotmail.co.uk today! Remember these events are now also open to college students too so if you are a college student or you know any fencers who are college students in Scotland then please get in touch!

Hungry Hippo
-16th February 2010, 10:40
Nine unis, 51 entrants. Now that is an impressive pair of stats! I'm a tad worried though.....whinge....moan... whinge

True to stereotypical form.....great new event, well run and popular, with load of new members, and still LBa58 finds half a dozen reasons to moan - typical jock!

-16th February 2010, 16:13
HH, I think LifeBeginsat58's remarks were meant to be a tongue in cheek dig at another party, however I am choosing to focus on the positives that you have mentioned above.

This is not in fact a new event however we are now going to greater lengths to publicise student fencing and encourage our new batch of fencers and refs! Every fight from this event was independently reffed which helped the smooth running of the event massively, so a huge thank you to all of the referees.

If anyone would like to volunteer to referee next weekend in Aberdeen for the SUS Individuals please contact me at the email address in my previous post. I am happy to discuss our expenses policy with any volunteers, unfortunately due to our fairly tight budget we can only offer basic expenses. Any local Aberdonian fencers who are available to referee would be greatly recieved!

-17th February 2010, 23:46
True to stereotypical form.....great new event, well run and popular, with load of new members, and still LBa58 finds half a dozen reasons to moan - typical jock!
Guilty as charged HH and, almost, as Tongue-in-Cheek as wot U iz!
KBO Jen. Whatever, it is, you're doing- it's working!

-18th February 2010, 00:02
Time marches on HH. Yesterday was my Sixty-first b'day. Today, I am in denial that I still qualify for birthdays.
Is this normal?

Hungry Hippo
-18th February 2010, 07:06
Happy B'day LBa58!! May you have many more - counting the rings in a cross-section, I'm not far behind you! And they get more and more precious as the years go by....

Let us oldies hope they don't change Radio 2 to be more suitable for the over-65's................just wait 5 or 10 years, and it will be!

-18th February 2010, 23:31
Thank you HH for your kind birthday felicitations. Much appreciated.
As one who heard "Flowers in the Rain", the first song on Radio One, LIVE, I've witnessed many radiophonic evolutions. Now that I've attained a seniority that elevates dendrochronology over astrology, I'm eagerly awaiting the day when national radio is compulsed to sub-title all its output, including Music, and preferably using a bouncing ball prosthetic!
Quarter past three:)

-18th February 2010, 23:38
Thank goodness that I resisted the temptation to say "More Bark than Bytes"