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-12th January 2004, 11:12
My understanding of the rules is that your foot must cross the boundary (be completely over), not simply be on the line and partly over. Is this right?

Plus it is one extra thing to look for, any tips for how to avoid missing people crossing the lateral boundaries?


-12th January 2004, 11:39
If you're on the line, you're on the piste. As for noticing when people go off, move down with the fencers if you're refereeing because the viewing angle makes a lot of difference where people appear to be on the piste.

I think knowing when people are on and off takes practise. I was being refereed (WS) abroad by the Russian that refereed the WS World CHamps final. I was running back and scored a beautiful stop hit into my opponent's feint. Everyone watching cheered because it was very neat, but he gave the hit against me - neither myself, my opponent nor anyone watching had realised I'd gone off the side of the piste. It was as if the referee knew instinctively the dimensions of the piste.

-12th January 2004, 22:52
I once stopped a bout when both the fencers wereoff the piste - both fencers protested they were still on the piste - which was true, just that it was the next one.

The Little Un
-18th January 2004, 20:05
Dear Roger,
I noticed that foot faulting came very close in some of those Scottish Open photos.

Best wishes,

-18th January 2004, 20:20
About usual - also it can be difficult to tell i teh side lines aren' marked.