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-22nd February 2010, 13:32
Results from this weekend's event in St Andrews;

Menís Foil

1. Chanut, Florent Strathclyde
2. Schulz, Sebastian St Andrews
3. Batstone, Kenneth Glasgow
3. Gray, Ewan Aberdeen
5. Anderson, Richard Glasgow
6. Carrick, Laurence St Andrews
7. Farmer, John Strathclyde
8. Baxter, David Stirling
9. Miller, Alisdair Stirling
10. Soto, David Dundee
11. Williams, Alexander Heriot Watt
12. Menzel, Mo Strathclyde
13. Lauchlan, Mark Heriot Watt
14. Anderson, James Telford College
15. Hamilton, Gareth Heriot Watt
16. Bircham, Joshua Stirling
17. Crichton, Neil RGU
18. Punzo, Guiliano Strathclyde
19. Pocock, Matt Stirling
20. Heatherwick- Porteous, James GCU
21. Crombie, Alex Heriot Watt
22. Philip, Duncan St Andrews
23. Brebner, Gregoire Heriot Watt
24. Diaz Gonzalez, Cesar St Andrews
25. Whittaker, Sean Dundee
26. Gordon, Adam St Andrews
27. McNiven, Iain Glasgow
28. Gray, Archie Edinburgh
29. Dougan, Patrick Glasgow
30. Johnstone, Christopher Heriot Watt
31. Murphy, Sean Glasgow
32. Addison, Gavin Heriot Watt
33. Soutar, Ruaridh Dundee
34. Scott, Alexander Heriot Watt

-22nd February 2010, 13:33
Menís Epee

1. Chanut, Florent Strathclyde
2. Schulz, Sebastian St Andrews
3. Brothers, Robert St Andrews
3. DíAuria, Anthony Edinburgh
5. Crichton, Neil RGU
6. Farmer, John Strathclyde
7. Gordon, Adam St Andrews
8. Calder, James Glasgow
9. Punzo, Guiliano Strathclyde
10. Boweker, Philip Aberdeen
11. Gray, Ewan Aberdeen
12. Halliday, Fergus St Andrews
13. Pocock, Matt Stirling
14. Olsson-Robbie, Mikael Strathclyde
15. Addison, Gavin Heriot Watt
16. Hamilton, Gareth Heriot Watt
17. Clarke, Benjamin Glasgow
18. Lauchlan, Mark Heriot Watt
19. Anderson, Richard Glasgow
20. Bircham, Joshua Stirling
21. McNiven, Iain Glasgow
22. Scott, Alexander Heriot Watt
23. Davenport, Tom Dundee
24. Soutar, Ruaridh Dundee
25. Crombie, Alex Heriot Watt
26. Brebner, Gregoire Heriot Watt

Menís Sabre

1. Diaz Gonzalez, Cesar St Andrews
2. Soto, David Dundee
3. Carrick, Laurence St Andrews
3. Keddie, Alex Dundee
5. Irvine, Alistair St Andrews
6. Anderson, James Telford College
7. Schroder, Marcus Aberdeen
8. Philip, Duncan St Andrews
9. Baker, Gavin Glasgow
10. Dougan, Patrick Glasgow
11. Jennings, Oliver Glasgow
12. Johnstone, Christopher Heriot Watt
13. Fairweather, Bruce Aberdeen
14. Menzel, Mo Strathclyde
15. Williams, Alexander Heriot Watt

-22nd February 2010, 13:43
Womenís Foil

1. Saint-Donat, Claire St Andrews
2. Webb, Alice St Andrews
3 Evans, Ali Stirling
3. Ward, Kirsty Dundee
5. Baier, Waltraud Aberdeen
6. Toy, Hannah Glasgow
7. DeKeizer, Catherine St Andrews
8. Dorozynska, Karolina Glasgow
9. Belau-Conlon, Sophie St Andrews
10. Gunn, Fiona Dundee
11. Cook, Nikki Heriot Watt
12. Ramos, Siobhan Glasgow

Womenís Epee

1. Kutt, Laura Aberdeen
2. Evans, Ali Stirling
3. Toy, Hannah Glasgow
3. Webb, Alice St Andrews
5. Saint-Donat, Claire St Andrews
6. DeKeizer, Catherine St Andrews
7. Lysne Benestad, Julie Aberdeen
8. Reinhold, Nelly Aberdeen
9. Baier, Waltraud Aberdeen

Womenís Sabre

1. Caldecourt, Lucy Dundee
2. Ramos, Siobhan Glasgow
3. Belau-Conlon, Sophie St Andrews
3. Palfy, Gabriella Abertay
5. Puteney, Sophie Glasgow
6. Cook, Nikki Heriot Watt

-22nd February 2010, 13:54
Thank you to all who attended and to all those who helped set up on Saturday and dismantle on Sunday. Out the hall by half 5 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday, not half bad and in no small part due to the help of Mike Bowes at DT and the surprising efficiency of the students who helped pack up! :p

Thank you to the universities who provided extra boxes for this weekend and of course to Leon Paul Scotland for providing equipment and armoury for all the students.

Thank you also to Yinka Faniyan who attended to referee sabre for the students and to Glenn Sancroft who doubled as floor manager, referee and runner. Also to the Hellewell family for volunteering at short notice and being of great assistance on Saturday.

Congratulations to all the medal winners and especially well done to the huge amount of fencers who were at the beginners championships last weekend and who went on to compete in this weekend's event.

Apologies if I have left anyone out!

-22nd February 2010, 13:58
Unfortunately one of the student fencers from Stirling Uni, Ali Evans travelled up by train on Saturday and had their kit bag stolen. Ali showed great determination by showing up at the venue and not only competing but winning 2 medals in the process!

Can I ask everyone to please keep a look out on ebay, etc. for any fencing kit which appears please. The jacket is named Evans on the back and I'm sure the rest of the kit will have distinctive markings too. Please contact me by PM or email if you have any information on this.

-22nd February 2010, 22:54
Another impressive set of stats regarding Scottish Student Fencers, I'll give you that SS. Some say that you've added to the sum-total of SF members. They have a point, I'd guess but unless more of these new fencers come along to the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverclyde and Doric Opens then their opinions and involvement is moot!
I'll throw out a challenge SS, Town versus Gown, Non-unis versus Unis.
Your converts will fail to respond to the challenge. The townies will win 'cos the gownies will shrink from the task!