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-1st March 2010, 14:40
The entry forms and requirements can be found at the link below:


Remember SUS events also include college students! If you don't have enough fencers from your college to put together a team you can combine with a university or another college to make a scratch team.

If you need any further information please email me at scottishstudentfencing@hotmail.co.uk

-15th March 2010, 15:58
Any results from the weekend?

-15th March 2010, 16:24
Will be put up asap. I do currently have a copy of them but not in a readable format :S In the process of solving that at the moment!

-15th March 2010, 20:46
Menís Epee

1- Strathclyde A
2- St Andrews
3- Glasgow A
4- Edinburgh A
5- Herriot-Watt A
6- Strathclyde B
7- Herriot-Watt B
8- Stirling
9- Scratch (St Andrews/Dundee)

Menís Sabre

1- Edinburgh
2- Dundee
3- St Andrews
4- Glasgow A
5- Scratch (HW)
6- Glasgow B

Menís Foil

1- Strathclyde A
2- Glasgow A
3- St Andrews A
4- Edinburgh A
5- Herriot-Watt A
6- Dundee A
7- Stirling A
8- Strathclyde B
9- Herriot-Watt B
10- Herriot Watt/Stirling/Glasgow Caledonian Scratch
11- St Andrews B
12- Glasgow B
13- Glasgow C
14- St Andrews/Strathclyde Scratch

Womenís Epee

1- Stirling
2- Glasgow

Womenís Foil

1. Stirling
2. Dundee
3. Glasgow
4. Glasgow /HW
5. Edinburgh

Womenís Sabre

1- Glasgow
2- Dundee
3- Stirling

They will also be on the SUS website in the next few days.

Thank you to Glasgow uni for running and hosting the event! Not quite the last event on the SUS Fencing calendar though! Training weekend still to come!