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-13th January 2004, 14:51
I think I put all the final results for the LPJS on the website today.
This year we have set up a new system for results and updating the LPJS so this year if all goes to plan it will be done within two weeks.

-14th January 2004, 10:36
Some organisers seem to be under the impression that the entry forms are now available through the LPJS section of your site.

I couldn't find evidence of that - is it me or them?

Neil Brown
-14th January 2004, 10:50
Sabre results are not complete yet. No results from Yorkshire, Bath or Whitgift.

Thanks for all you (Leon Paul) do for junior fencing with the series.

-14th January 2004, 11:35
ok will see if someone has them thanks.

-14th January 2004, 12:28
There are some LPJS entry forms on the site but only the ones where organisers have asked us/provided us with the info. It would be better if there were more there so if organisers want to send them to us (in digital format) we will add them.

They are located at a more general comp entry forms section at http://www.leonpaul.com/news/comps.htm
This is a little obtuse to say the least so I will try to get them moved or at least linked to the LPJS section.:)

-14th January 2004, 13:03
Excellent :burns2:

-18th January 2004, 00:09
Neil - I'll chase up the Yorkshire, unless Tubby has got in before me......

-18th January 2004, 17:47
Dear Neil,

Rodney sent in the results. Please email him and ask again if you need them.