View Full Version : Scottish YDS round Four

-14th March 2010, 19:47
Thanks, YDS for another memorable weekend of Youth fencing.
The venue this time was kindly provided by Strathallan School who threw in stunning views of springtime, Perthshire countryside for free!
Once again the combination of altruistic volunteers, Masterchef cuisine, enthusiastic fencers and pocket-plundered parents liberally sprinkled with the magic dust of much practised planning conspired to send 'em hame with a smile on their faces!
This season has one more round of the YDS left.
The Grand Finals at Dollar Academy. Google F4SF or visit Scottish Fencing for more details.
As a PS. It's great to see more kids taking up Sabre than before. Dunno if it's just coincidence but the presence of the SF president in reffing throughout the series is very much appreciated. Thanks Chris!

-14th March 2010, 23:32
I concur, a great competition and thanks to all involved.

-16th March 2010, 12:48
I agree it was very encouraging to see so many young ones competing in the sabre events. And let's hope this continues - with the Foundation running events as well as this and with such a good atmosphere I hope we'll continue to see increased uptake in all weapons.

Well done to all involved.


-17th March 2010, 01:35
"Good Atmosphere"
That's spot on Chris. It took my club, Dunfermline, a while to encourage some of our young fencers (and parents) to join SF and take part in this smashing sport outwith the local level.
Last weekend, we made a great start to that process by bringing half a dozen of our younger members (two weapons for most)
Without exception, they loved it! As did their parents.
"Good Atmosphere" engendered by the unselfish support freely given by all, irrespective of club loyalties, to the Kids was a joy to see.
Perhaps this base can be used to build the next stage for SF. "Friendly Rivalry"
Where age rankings may provide the spur!
Well done all