View Full Version : Fencing on BBC Five Live

-22nd March 2010, 21:45
Listen out for Claire Bennett on Tony Livesey's show on BBC 5Live tonight from 10.30pm. I believe that she will be on from about 11.15pm but as schedules change it might be worth tuning in from the start of his show.

Gildas Braine
-23rd March 2010, 11:18
Good job Claire!
It's about 1 hour 17 minutes in.

Lefty Foilist
-24th March 2010, 14:49
They were pretty critical of fencing at quite a few points- dissappointing that that's the case, but I suppose it just reflects the broader stereotype of fencing.
Had to laugh when the bloke said that he couldn't see the weapons- I'm sure he meant by the way they move when say someone's doing a red-hot-fast compound attack, but still, seemed like a pretty hostile interview.
Credit to Claire though, a lesser person might have had a go at them!