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Boo Boo
-16th January 2004, 12:16
Is the Essex Open REALLY going to be so late this year?

According to the BFA Press Page (http://www.britishfencing.com/press.htm) it will be on 24th September 2004...


The Driver
-16th January 2004, 12:24
... which is a Friday, so suspect they have got it wrong.

The Driver
-16th January 2004, 12:31
Originally posted by The Driver
... which is a Friday, so suspect they have got it wrong.

It's usually on the first full weekend of September so guess it will probably be 4th & 5th

-16th January 2004, 12:41
Per the draft 2004/5 calendar it is on the 4/5 th - Bristol is on the 18th/19th - to allow more time between teh two.

Note that this is taken from a draft calendar.

Boo Boo
-16th January 2004, 12:43
Yes, I think that you are right - seems very logical...

Might also help explain why British Fencing gets doesn't get much press coverage (also notice that the 5 Nations is down as 13th April - a Tuesday I think...). :(


-16th January 2004, 13:34
5 Nations is on the 3rd in reality.
The same date as the Glasgow Open; daftness from the Glasgow organisers - it guarantees that the top 5 Scots don't turn up, and thus the competition is always weak.

The Calendar seems to have the right dates :-)

Boo Boo
-16th January 2004, 13:40
Its a vERY busy time of year for competitions...

I think that the 5 Nations is due to be in Belfast this year, but the venue is marked as tba...


-16th January 2004, 13:43
It's certainly scheduled for Belfast. Dunno if there are any organisational problems? Don't think I'll fluke a place again this year anyway :(

Boo Boo
-16th January 2004, 13:56
I don't know - just depends who above you can do it (one or two above you aren't English and a couple may be away or preparing for the world cadet/juniors....)

They seem to select the England team quite late, though...


-16th January 2004, 14:27
just take it one day at a time! remember it's easier to stay on the team than get into it...that's what i keep telling myself anyway!

hope The Essex stays on the same w/e as Hamlet - was good to get 2 tournaments in last year for the price of 1 flight (tho maybe a reason why they moved it is to not clash with Hamlet :( )

(won;t have a chinese the night before Hamlet next time)

-16th January 2004, 17:37
The Hamlet is an overspill from the Essex . (Realising you hadn't posted teh post I though you'd posted.