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-16th January 2004, 13:57
Does anyone else have the same ranking in the forum postings as their national ranking?? However hard I try I can't seem to move from 13th place in either of them...it's really p***ing me off :mad:

Boo Boo
-16th January 2004, 14:01
Oh my, I post far too much... :(

-16th January 2004, 14:02
And probably fence far too much as well, Boo!

-16th January 2004, 14:03
we have ranking on the forum????

Boo Boo
-16th January 2004, 14:04
No, not enough - need to do more (fencing/training, not posting!)

(sitting on the sofa, with an elevated leg, trying to get her sprained ankle to recover quickly - yes, doing RICE... :( ).

-16th January 2004, 14:05
Number of postings - click on the members button at the top of the page, then click top 10 posters and find urself!

-16th January 2004, 14:07
I know how your feeling Boo! Had to miss the 1st sabre squad training Tuesday and have pulled out of accompanying 2 Truro fencers on the cadet trip to Pisa this weekend cos I have chest/sinus infection, temperature over 100 and crawns...don't ask

Boo Boo
-16th January 2004, 14:12
crawns sound like Cornish Prawns - still can't see how they would stop you going to squad training... :)

Still, you always manage to make my hectic life seem quite relaxed compared with yours. Competing and coaching seems like a very time consuming combination...


-16th January 2004, 14:34
*Pictures tigger being held back by army of giant prawns eating pasties*


Coincidentally my national ranking is twice my forum post ranking, if ONLY I could swap..

-16th January 2004, 14:53
Ranked 30 something?!

Only in my wildest dreams (the ones where I train more than once a week, get fit, and go to competitions)... oh, hang on a sec.. I'd still never make it..!! ;)

I'll stick to skiving work and posting random nothings on the forum. I'm better at that...

-16th January 2004, 15:20
I wish i wish 9th on forum tho!

-16th January 2004, 17:42
Sadly not - I dropped off two years ago and haven't got back on yet.

-16th January 2004, 19:39

coo - don't tell the sprogs - they already think I'm a forum freak.

And boy is currently/still ranked second - yippee!!!! But musn't be complacent as there are still important comps to go before Bulgaria....mutter mutter. PM2 is having her first fencing lesson as I type: have to get me knees fixed and catch up with her. Again :(