View Full Version : G. Pion blades?

-16th January 2004, 18:00
I recently came into possesion of a couple of blades. They are standard practice foils with G. Pion, Paris, and a fleur de lise stamped onto them. The only non-standard part seems to be the tang which I would have to re-tool to fit any normal pommel and handle.

The guy I got them from knew nothing more about them save they had been sitting in a warehouse for a very long time. I've looked around a bit and have not seen this maker so I am curious now, how old might these blades be (roughly) and are they any good?

(I just don't want to find out farther down the road that these were high end blades that I hacked together to work with the cheaper stuff I own, so I figured I'd ask before I started retooling them)