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Marky Irish
-17th January 2004, 12:02
Does anybody know the results or could post the results up here?

-20th January 2004, 08:26
Wasn't able to go myself Mark, but what I do know is the ME & MF

1. Jon Willis
2. Andrew Fenwick (beaten 15-13)
3. Fabrice Maloigne (Salle Duffy - beaten 15-14 by Fenwick)

1. David Alexander
2. Philip Lee (IRL)
3. Ygeney Kazanchev (UZB)

so same top 3 as Irish Open but in diferent order.
Not sure of the other 3rd places.

question is, Mark, why weren't you there!

-20th January 2004, 09:44
What were the sabre results?

-20th January 2004, 14:16
I know David Downey won MS - no idea about other positions (I couldn;t make it) - not bad result as I think Sykes, Fenwick, Deveney amongst others would have been there

Ellie Collier won WS

full results for all but MS are available on the Trinity Uni website http://www2.tcd.ie/Clubs/Fencing/#notices