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-2nd May 2003, 05:54
I'm doing the Excalibur team competition this weekend in Bath, and i have been told that it is similar to the Winton?
I've been told some rather interesting stories about the winton (mainly to do with the after competition drinking antics) this this what i should expect from the Excalibur, if so i better bring my camera it sounds like a good laugh with lots of scandals!!!!!!!

-2nd May 2003, 08:46
I have heard that the Excalibur is worse. if any one has any rumours after this weekend can they please let us know! Pay particular attention to the young girly epeeists who always get in trouble (isn't that right ******!)

:moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon:

-2nd May 2003, 10:14
sounds like i'm gonna have a good time!!!
So where does everybody drink and what happened last year to give this competition such a reputation

-2nd May 2003, 10:38
Stop using names please!!!!!!!

No personal details people!!!!!


-2nd May 2003, 13:10
is that because some of the personal details are true : )
me is liking the Excalibur already! Bring it on!

-2nd May 2003, 16:48
KingKenny - how can you have anomity with IDs like 'Barry Paul' 'ihunter' and 'keithasmith' ?????

-2nd May 2003, 17:09
Just dont use insults and the say someone name it not that hard.
If you dont have something nice to say dont say it.
God I sound like my mum.
I just dont want people to be upset so you can use cunning subtle clues like B***Y P**l is ;)


-2nd May 2003, 18:23
how can you have anomity with IDs like 'Barry Paul' 'ihunter' and 'keithasmith' ?????

lol, very true, I hadn't though of it like that before. I guess 'Aoife' comes under that too then.

Can we name somebody is what we're saying is nice? Like "XXXX XXXXX is a great fencer" or "XXXXXX XXXXXX looks great in breeches"? (well, maybe not the latter type of compliment :)

-2nd May 2003, 18:28
well theres always the Huntsman which is where most people go. well unfortunately you wont be getting any good gossip from this certain girly epeeist this time round! ...........unlike the winton :( lol. hahahaha...well you never know you might get some goss.

-2nd May 2003, 20:49
There's always gossip about you love :grin:

-2nd May 2003, 22:51
Hmm, I'm not sure I know who you are, but I reckon I can find out and get any gossip that happens......

Boo Boo
-3rd May 2003, 21:58
Hhhmmm, gossip spreads far and wide: I heard "THE" Winton gossip last night...


-5th May 2003, 11:18
What winton gossip? about who? did everyone enjoy the excalibur yesterday? i know it had some good points....but then again some bad points............. lol.

-5th May 2003, 14:56
I'm sure it was great. And i also bet there will be some great tales to tell about some of the match' and about you on Saturday night :grin:

-5th May 2003, 16:09
match??? nah i was a good little girl and behaved myself as always :tongue:

Boo Boo
-5th May 2003, 16:39
TwoHappyHippos, the Winton gossip about a rather young female epeeist and an older male foilist.... ;)


-5th May 2003, 16:46
ha ha ha then it wasnt about me! good good good! was there any goss from the excalibur?

Boo Boo
-5th May 2003, 17:03
(Its amazing what gossip you pick up in a little bistro in Paris...?!?)

Haven't heard any gossip from Excalibur - I was shattered (and was baby-sitting a 15 and a 16 year old?!?), so went to bed early. Am still shattered today :( ZZZZZZzzzzzzz


-5th May 2003, 17:11
who did you talk to....a certain male epeeist in Paris at the mo? lol. awww poor you. well some of us did the excalibur and are very tired now :( but hey it was all good!

Boo Boo
-5th May 2003, 18:03
No, not a male epeeist, the gossip has reached women's foil as well... :) (gossip travels far and wide!)

Yup, I only fenced 5 matches at Excalibur (and refereed 2) - what with Devon not turning up at all and another team not turning up on the Sunday... - after getting back from France late on Saturday afternoon. Still, am wiped out :(

Oh well, weekend off next weekend :) (sometimes you can have TOO much fencing...)


-5th May 2003, 18:30
sometimes you can have TOO much fencing...

No! I refuse to believe it!!!! :)

gossip travels far and wide

It hasn't travelled to me. :( Anybody wiling to PM it to me? I'm piecing bits together from the thread, but it leaves rather huge gaps to colour in (and I have a whole spectrum of bright colours when left to my own devices :) )

-5th May 2003, 18:56
You should try what i did last year. The York open was the same weekend as the excaliber. After getting really *?/@^%"** at the York i drove down to watch the Excaliber then back to Norwich a grand total ove just over 1320 miles.
You can never have to much fencing.

Boo Boo
-5th May 2003, 22:07
Okay, Hudson, I suppose you do beat me for mileage...

Still, it took me 7.5 hours of travelling (and hanging around in airports) to get to Excalibur on Saturday, and I managed to fence in two rounds after I got there that afternoon :mad:

You can definitely have too much fencing and require a break. Either that, or I am getting old... :(


-6th May 2003, 11:29
Well iheard lots of goss from the Excalibur:
After the huntsmen a certain group went off to
some dodgy club: and to a certain someone that said
there was going to be no goss on her at the excalibur
i think you might wanna re-phrase that one!!

Friday wasn't without goss either (such good preperation
for Saturdays fencing)

-6th May 2003, 12:21
It was my first time back since 1983. Not much goss that I heard, but then again I am old, creaky, sad, and get a headache after half a shandy.

The best thing was the fencing. To see the 'old' master Rob Bruniges doing his stuff was great.

However, one of the choppy stick fencers did try to use his mask as a strainer - which was nice!

PS. We won it in 1983 as well - But then again, don't we always!!!

-9th May 2003, 06:08
That choppy stick fencer wouldnt have been my fellow team mate last seen dashing for the door on the sunday morning with a slightly green face would it?

If so, thats what you get for expecting sabruers to fence before midday :grin:

-12th May 2003, 01:01
oh no, theres got to be insults attached to people and accusations of wrong doings at competitions, thats half the fun, so come on people get those fingers pointing and let the rinsing begin.