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-19th January 2004, 08:57
OK, I know, this is the Olympics forum, but it's the closest to Commonwealths I could get.

My question is - everyone knows that the Commonwealth Games 2006 is being held in Melbourne, AUS - but where's the fencing going to be?

there had been a rumour that fencing mght be reintroduced into the Games, but I see from the list of sports on the official site that that ain't so. So where are the Commonwealth Fencing Championships going to be?

Boo Boo
-19th January 2004, 09:37
I have heard a couple of things about the Commonwealth:

I heard was that the next Fencing Commonwealth is due to be in India. That was what I heard around the time of the last Commonwealth (possibly whilst actually in Australia). However, that assumes that it wont be included in the next Games proper AND that the venue isn't changed (the last Commonwealth was supposed to be in Belfast until a couple of years before it was actually held in Australia...).

The second rumour was that fencing was considered (or offered a place) in the last Commonwealth Games proper, but the condition was that only 3 competitors per weapon took part. This wasn't accepted (by the Commonwealth Fencing Federation) and fencing stayed independent. This was told to me by someone who used to coach me: don't know where he heard it from...

Those are both things that I have been told: hope it is helpful - my apologies if what I have been told is not 100% correct (quite possible!). Maybe Keith knows more?


-19th January 2004, 09:55
I take it that's three per weapon per country - if so, not much less than current, but would get TV coverage.

Boo Boo
-19th January 2004, 10:06
Yes, sorry - 6 weapons in the competition (I assume), 3 competitors per weapon, per country.

At the moment - with the Commonwealth Fencing being held seperately - up to five people can compete per weapon per country.... (for those who didn't know).

This is what my old coach told me - I assume that he heard it from somewhere reasonable (but since he wasn't happy about not going to the Commonwealths in Australia - to coach - at the time....)


-21st January 2004, 19:38
Some good questions. Surly someone must know where the fencing is to be held, as I hope to go?

In Scotland some years ago there was a Junior Commonwealth games with foil fencing. When and where is the next one?

Boo Boo
-21st January 2004, 20:09
The wonders of the internet... :)

It's the "Youth Commonwealth Games" and is due to be held this year (4 years after the last) in Australia http://www.thecgf.com/2004.asp

From what I can see, they are due to start on 29th November. However, fencing is not listed in the program of sports... :(

Don't know if anyone can confirm that it wont be part of the Youth Games.


-21st January 2004, 21:57
Fencing usurped byTenpin Bowling, that's not good.

-22nd January 2004, 08:33
If it's true, it seems a bit churlish to turn down the opportunity to be part of the games on the bassis of only three being allowed. That's eighteen fencers. That sounds like a lot to me.

I might be a bit sacked off if I was ranked fourth in epee in the country, but as I'm actually ranked 55,954,387, I think it's a shame.

-22nd January 2004, 20:08
As I understand it the current position is that we do not have any 'bids' on the table as yet to host the 2006 champs. India expressed an interest at the Congress in Newcastle, but as of right now no offer has been recieved. To say that we turned down places in the Commonwealth Games which would have given each participating country 18 fencers is not true.(3x each weapon). The 'offer' was never made and if it had been we have been told that numbers would be far far smaller per team, such as
3 per country to fence all weapons and no teams!! This is why we are still negotiating and lobbying the CG federation for a deal which reflects the success of our own fencing federation and its well attended champs. A view could be that we are too big and successful to fit into a Commonwealth Games. The youth games, started in Scotland only contained Fencing thanks to the contact and networking of the SF board of the time under myself and if it was to be kept we should have maintained contact and pressure on all our home games councils. This we seem not to have done so we are now firmly out until they re-discover who we are and what we can offer the youth of the commonwealth.
I hope this is informative and helps people with the current situation....believe me , when we know where we are going in 2006 it will be well publicised.

Ian Hunter
Commonwealth Fencing Federation Technical Committee member

Boo Boo
-22nd January 2004, 21:10
Originally posted by ihunter
To say that we turned down places in the Commonwealth Games which would have given each participating country 18 fencers is not true.

Ian, thank you very much for clarifying that - my apologies for passing on misinformation: either there was some incorrect information floating around, or just something suggested by a rather disgruntled coach using their imagination... :rolleyes:

It's a shame about the Commonwealth Youth Games not including fencing this year - although sending a team to Australia would be hugely expensive and would probably clash with Junior/Cadet foreigns as well...


-9th February 2004, 10:44
funnily enough that's exactly the same rumour I heard a while back boo...good ole chinese whispers I expect ;)

Boo Boo
-9th February 2004, 10:58
Maybe our rumour had the same source...?

Ok, the lastest rumour I heard, this past weekend (from a certain NI foilist) is that the next Commonwealth MAY be in Belfast (we were talking about 5 Nations at the time). She had heard that India had pulled out of the Commonwealth, but Belfast were still interested... Well, that was the rumour - now Ian can correct it :) (thank goodness we have useful people who read this forum ;) ).

So, Tigger, guess that you might be doing the 5 Nations now?

(looking for Karen Saunders email address to contact her early...)

-11th February 2004, 11:37
Unfortunately not able to do 5 nations. I'll be in Bulgaria with Katie Hendra for the Cadet Worlds. Damn this coaching business!:mad:

Boo Boo
-11th February 2004, 12:08
Well done Katie :)