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-8th April 2003, 16:50
What does all this junior member business mean?

Also is there any way to change my Avatars and Smiles?

-9th April 2003, 07:33
You can download avatars from your harddrive as long as they are under 60pix by 60pix.

and after 30 post you become a member and 60 advanced etc.

-9th April 2003, 09:21
How do you actually go about uploading avatars and smiles then?

-9th April 2003, 09:36
If you visit the FAQ section (button tor right) there are explainations of how to use all the site features.

You can't upload smiles but if anyone finds a good site for fencing smiles then let me know and I will add them.

You will find loads of avatar sites on the internet just using a search engine. If you want a specific character go to google and do an advanced image search for small files and you can find loads of fun pictures.
Also, you can upload pictures or drawings you have created yourself as long as they aren't too large.

Let me know how you get on.

-9th April 2003, 11:29
Easy all,

Site is looking pretty foxy I must say. Nice one boys.
Good to see you have spent most time concentrating on the important things - getting the best smilies and avtars.

Nice selection anyways.

Kenny, how come you can suddenly string a legible sentance together?

-9th April 2003, 12:14
I have a spell checker now.:father:

-9th April 2003, 12:55


-20th April 2003, 17:21
30 to get member 60 to get advanced? What comes after advanced?

(Don't worry, I'll get there, mwahaahaahaa!)

-20th April 2003, 17:52
"Too much spare time"? :)

-20th April 2003, 18:03
Certainly too much spare time (well a mix of that and not doing what I should be doing with the spare time that I have :) )

-20th April 2003, 19:08
think I added one at 100 called super being or similar but you will just have to wait and see!!

-20th April 2003, 19:25
Woohoo! (I've been on fencing101 since late Jan and I've got over 200, I really should be revising instead, but oh well! :) )

-20th April 2003, 20:29
heh. I got law exams in 4 weeks. :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

-20th April 2003, 20:32
Not finals I hope? I got my first set of true clinical exams for medicine in two weeks time (the run up to my part one finals), fun fun fun! I am going to die, but the parties afterwards will be legendary.

-20th April 2003, 20:46
Med-student parties? Excellent.

Has anyone seen National Lampoon's Animal House? I want to be Bluto! :party:

-20th April 2003, 20:47
Nah, kind of 1/2nd year (it's a long story, to sum up, you have to pass em all in one go, I failed some, so I'm resitting last years exams, along with another set for this year at another uni)

-20th April 2003, 20:54
Neo: Dont you just love modules?!
Aoifie: Just dont ask..... last time i nearly got a formal complaint made to the hospital cos I ran through the hospital grounds dressed in scrubs at 4am singing, my mate then started on the hospital security guards. I didnt even remember till the entire med school got an email complaining about student behaviour. Medic parties are just mad.

-20th April 2003, 20:57
with mine it doesn't really matter that they're seperate classes, if u fail one, you have to resit em all :( The way I'm doing it now won't actually get me into second year, but it will make next year a hell of a lot easier cos I'll already have covered the material.

as for misbehaving, we got an e-mail like that. I had a giggling fit in this rather anal retentive lecturers class, needless to say she didn't find it quite so funny and we all got an e-mail about "students not paying attention in class" oops :rolleyes:

-20th April 2003, 21:00
Harsh. Which uni you at? You gonna have to do second year again next year then?

-20th April 2003, 21:05
I havent' done second year yet. well kind of. At soas, if you fail they let you resit the exams, but not the classes, so I went off to westminster and did some of the classes that soas do in second year (Tort, Administrative Law) and contract, which I screwed up big time last year. Now I get to sit my exams at soas, I likely won't bother with westminster exams, and I go into second year at soas (if I pass :tongue: ) but I'll already have done some of the work, which makes my life a whole lot easier. Officially (on my cv :P) I took a year out :P

-20th April 2003, 21:05
The line I liked most in our email was "the patient who complained had reason to believe the perpetrators were medical students" NO SH*T SHERLOCK!

Ah, fair enough. But soas? Sorry for being an ignorant northener!

-20th April 2003, 21:07
I've been known to do some *very* stupid things when I'm drunk, and then sh** myself when I sober up and people tell me what I did :o

SOAS = School of Oriental & African Studies, Uni of London (was the top law school in the UK when I went, now it's 4th... hmm wonder if that was anything to do with me being there? :P)

Actually I'm more northern than you... I'm from Glasgow :P

-20th April 2003, 21:39
Ahhh Tort... who can we blame for whatever's happened? (Okay, okay, I know it's really about negligence)

i nearly got a formal complaint made to the hospital cos I ran through the hospital grounds dressed in scrubs at 4am singing

And this is seen as a problem because.....? :grin:

How many years is med-school now? Seven? I use to want to be a forensic scientist, but I realised that I was rubbish at science (well, in yr 9 I came top in my year in science SATs, but that doesn't mean I'm good at it, just means I'm good at SATs :) ). Now I seem to have abandoned the sciences all together (but I still watch unhealthy amounts of ER... speaking of which, did anybody see the fencing scene on ER?) I do sometimes still yell at Quincy for making ridiculous medical deductions though.

What part of medicine do you want to go into?

(and Neo, what part of Law do you want to go into?)

-20th April 2003, 21:43
I want to be a barrister specialising in intellectual property or criminal law. In reality however, I'll probably end up being a solicitor doing commercial law, or similar.

-20th April 2003, 21:45
someone just sent me this, seen similar before, but I was ending myself laughing. Guess it probably applies to most other disciplines too :tongue:

The Law Student's Prayer

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I cannot accept,
And the wisdom to hide the bodies of the clients
I had to kill today as they severely pissed me off.

Also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today,
As they will probably be connected to the arse
that I may have to kiss tommorrow.

Lord, help me to always give 100 per cent
at my lectures and seminars;
12 per cent on monday
23 per cent on tuesday
40 per cent on wednesday
20 per cent on thursday
5 per cent on friday.

Lord, help me to remember...
When I am having a really bad day,
And clients are trying their hardest to piss me off,
Lecturers are throwing essays at me right left and centre,
And the electronic law reports have crashed,
That it takes 42 muscles to frown and
Only 4 to extend my middle finger, hold it in the air
And tell everyone to just F*** OFF!

-20th April 2003, 21:59
intellectual law? Does that deal with libel? (If so, I may one day be needing you to fight my school :) )

Oh, if you put somehting on the net, are other people allowed to put it on their own site without asking you, if they do acknowledge who wrote it?

What is 'non-exclusive copyright'?

-20th April 2003, 22:42
intellectual property law is extremely complicated (probably *the* most complicated area of law) I've not studied it yet (due to it's nature it's usually in final year classes), however I do know a little, as it's something I'm interested in.

1) No libel isn't covered under intellectual property law. Intellectual property law is only concerned with things like copyright, patents, trademarks etc. libel is covered under defamation, which is usually studied as part of tort law. Libel is a touchy subject right now, as I've threatened to sue 7 isps (and counting) in the last week due to a small legal problem of a certain site publishing material which is incorrect and which I consider to be defamatory. However, when I get one page shut down, they put up like another 3 (hence why so many isps). However, if u need advice on defamation, yes I can help, although bear in mind that I'm only a law student not a lawyer, so I can't actually act for you. Remember too, that in defamation you have to prove damages (except in very limited circumstances, known as defamation actionable per se). Whilst you may have a prima facie action for defamation, unless you can prove damages (and also unless your school is likely to be able to pay them) you cannot persue a suit. I don't know if you're at a private school or state school, but if it's a state school, you would sue the education authority under the principle of vicarious liability (or the body responsible for running the school in the case of private schools)

2) I'm not sure on this one. I think there is a principle referred to as "fair use", which means that work can be reproduced as long as the author is credited, and the publisher does not make any gain from it (or if they do the author is compensated accordingly), however I'm not certain on this. If they don't credit it as your work, or credit it as their own, then certainly there is a breach of copyright. Having said this, if you don't want anyone to reproduce it, just have a clause of use, that says the work may not be reproduced in any form, manner or means, without the explicit consent of the author. This would therefore form a term of the contract by which the user is accessing your page, and by continuing to use it after being informed of the clause they would be deemed to have accepted it. Thus if they then reproduced the work you would have an action in breach of contract/breach of copyright.

btw, tort and contract make up the civil law (with regards to obligations, put simply tort is concerned with things you don't want the party to do and contract is concerned with things you do want them to do. This is a very broad generalisation. perhaps a better analogy is that tort is obligations imposed by the courts and by statute, and contract is obligations imposed by the free will of the parties. However even this example is not free from error, since a number of clauses in contract are now implied by statute whether they are included in a contract or not.

Non-exclusive copyright. I'm not sure, perhaps u mean non exclusive license? if so, this is where for instance you buy a piece of software, however you do not own it, it's only on license to you, nor is it exclusive to you, they may license it to as many people as they see fit. Does that help?

-21st April 2003, 00:49
Now see what you've done Aoife.
This is now legalforum.com

-21st April 2003, 00:49

-21st April 2003, 08:48
Med school parties....hmmm knowing the Brit doctors I do (opthomologists) and what THEY are like partying at locum consultant level, I DREAD to think what British medical students get up to!!! I spent a year at LSHTM (next door to SOAS) and we partied hard as well. I think its a medical faculty thing.

-21st April 2003, 09:34
We seem to have gone so far off topic its untrue. Never mind though.
Aoife: Dont really know what I want to do, it's early days yet. The course is only five years but the last three years are 46 weeks a year.

And do not get me started on ER, I do watch it from time to time but realism is clearly an alien concept.

And medic parties.... I'm revising liver disease at the moment and feeling distinctly unwell, I don't want to think about it.:rolleyes:

-21st April 2003, 15:40
The liver is evil and must be punished! :grin: :grin: :grin:

-21st April 2003, 15:42
Mine is on a worryingly regular basis. I actually come up positive on the alcohol abuse screening exam!!

-21st April 2003, 15:45
I'll be doing an in depth study of alcohol and it's affects on the body when i get back from Kuwait.:drink:

-21st April 2003, 15:55
I cant beleive what i am hearing

You guys still have livers you lucky Ba*****ds

mine gave me an ultimatum years ago
it said "Look Psy we have some good years but enough is enough its the Vodka Red Bull or me i cant take anymore"

Christ i miss my liver but you have to get your prioritys right dont ya:drink:

-21st April 2003, 16:15
vodka and red bull! bah! I remember when men were real men! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: I prefer a nice double russian vodka (none of this smirnoff sh**) on the rocks :D:spin: :spin: :spin:

-21st April 2003, 16:17
If we are going to have a vodka argument:

Zubrowka, Polish buffalo grass vodka. Superb with apple juice or on da rocks

Just realised, Ive spent more time talking about drinking than fencing - a reason for my poor ability perhaps?!:upset:

-21st April 2003, 16:27
arses to the both of you my freezer is NEVER with out a bottle of stolichnaya living in it. I only put red bull in it when i am in the pub, cos pubs serve crap vodka(vladivar smirnoff and co) and they dont freeze it, besides when you get to the club you need to start addin tequila to the mix to get the fabled TVR

ps Absolute Peppar is the one for real men (frozen of Course)

chilli endorphin rush and alchohol, heaven in a glass

-21st April 2003, 16:33
Real men with no taste buds perhaps?!

-21st April 2003, 16:34
I dunno what I was drinking over the summer, but you can't get it here :( I lived in my uni's halls last year, and over the summer they let it out to international language students. Before last summer I couldn't drink straight vodka (due to an unfortunate incident with a bottle of smirnoff blue label when I was 14:tongue: )but I was seeing a russian girl and made a lot of russian friends and they got me started on the vodka :grin:

I think we should organise a "fencingforum.com" competition in two rounds:

Round 1: A few matches to find the best fencer

Round 2: A few matches to find the best drinker - last man standing wins :P

-21st April 2003, 16:38
Bring it on! Perhaps the test of a true man would be to have those two rounds the other way round?!!!

-21st April 2003, 16:42
Hey jambo the last time we played the Starwars drinking game we used Asolute peppar tastes great but the heart burn was legendary

we were taking our shots and following them with a rennie chaser

It was v messy i can tell you

-21st April 2003, 16:44
lol. Somewhat bought a bottle of that over the summer, but once everyone clicked it was pepper, they just smiled and politely declined :P

-21st April 2003, 17:22
If you ever get tired of vodka.(though i don;t see how anyone could)(there's a great little vodka bar in sailsbury, over 60 different vodkas to try) You might want to try Bundaberg rum, very nice.

-21st April 2003, 17:49
yeah ministry of sound in elephant & castle has Vodka Nationon tuesday nights. it's a student night, but they have like every flavour of vodka for Ј1. Just watch out for the peppermint it tastes like mouthwash :P

-21st April 2003, 19:11

(if it's showing up as something distinctly not cyrillic, then it's probably because you have your browser set to Western European).

On the first day God said "Let there be vodka!" and he saw that it was good. And then God said "Let there be light!" and then God said "Whoa! Too much light!!!"

I have a bad habbit, when drunk on vodka, on tryng to show off my reading any Russian on the bottle... this isn't easy drunk. It's even harder when there isn't any Russian on the bottle, and you're actually trying to read the Roman alphabet as the Cyrillic alphabet. Shortyly afterwards normally comes my fencing demonstration, which usual ends with me fleching onto my face (and whichever breadstick/cheese twist/celery stick/orange I was using as a sword).

I'm so classy :)

-21st April 2003, 19:41
priveyt crisviya ;)

-21st April 2003, 19:44
In case any one is interested i posted the starwars drinking game in what should now be called starwars fencing forum in chit chat

i also have a whole host of others including the X files drinking game (Aoife) let me know if any one wants them posted

-21st April 2003, 21:29
I find bread sticks work best when drunken fencing, once, well quite a few time been involved in drunken lessons in corridors with a can of beer and an eppe with just boxers, mask and glove on. That was painful :dizzy:

-22nd April 2003, 09:17
Psymon: And this could be the vodka fencing forum perhaps.

-23rd April 2003, 13:18
i also have a whole host of others including the X files drinking game (Aoife) let me know if any one wants them posted

Oooh yes! I remember reading that (or a version of that) some years ago, but now I'm old enough to really appriciate it (or... to follow it anyway :) )

-23rd April 2003, 13:29
It has been suggested in our uni matches that whoever in the sabre team drops the most points has to buy the other two the difference in pints (we have mangaged to win 45-8). Dont suggest that at an open mind you:dizzy:

-23rd April 2003, 13:33
arrrrrrrrrgh! me is wasting too much valuable procrastination time in bed! I just woke up :(

-23rd April 2003, 13:36
You ba****d, I've been revising since 9am, dont say things like that it upsets me:mad:

Incidentally I've been on the net since about 9.15 too, a problem maybe!

-23rd April 2003, 13:41
I tell u waht, I'll swap you. You can read my law books and I'll read your med books, hell it gives us something to do :tongue:

-23rd April 2003, 13:54
Hmmmm, could always help me avoid being sued!

-23rd April 2003, 16:20
For all you red dwarf watchers try this drinking game
The Red Dwarf Drinking Game
Smeg! Another way to get drunk!

The Rules: (Simple enough for Lister to understand)
Okay, Here's what you do. Simply start watching Red Dwarf and if something happens that is included in the list below you have 1 (one) drink, shot or whatever you like. Under 18s might wish to have cheezels or spoonfuls of nutella, pizza, or something else legal, if you prefer. Take more if necessary (it isn't), or if you want to (you won't). The game might get a little hectic at times and no responsibility is taken for hospitalisation of any players (Yes, that means you, Simon). Best effect (unconsciousness) is achieved with back to back viewings, i.e. the whole of series IV, for example. Ready? Well then, "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!" (with a hangover)

And don't do anything Lister wouldn't do!


Drink every time Lister has a Lager
Every time he refers to an old lover (double if he does this especially to make Rimmer feel bad)
Have a double whenever he mentions Kristine Kochanski.
Also, every time Lister is seen eating a curry (or other Indian Food)
Mustn't forget to partake whenever he plays his guitar (or threatens to).
One for each joke about Lister being not or barely human.
Have a drink when a reference is made to any of Lister's undergarments.
Drink whenever he enters an artificial reality computer game. Double if he does so to have sex.
Every time someone insults Rimmer.
And every time he insults someone back, or just does it anyway.
Every time Rimmer does something mean to someone else.
One drink for each embarrassing fact exposed about him. (e.g. his middle name)
Also, every time he mentions one of his dull hobbies or interests (Risk, Hammond Organs, 20thCentury Telegraph poles.)
One for every whinge about being dead (this applies mostly to series I and II)
Have one when Rimmer shows his love of military battles or mentions a great general.
A drink for each Space Corp Directive mis-quoted.
Drink when Rimmer thinks that aliens exist or even are nearby.
Ace Rimmer:
Whenever Ace Rimmer says: "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!"
One drink whenever Ace calls Lister "Skipper".
Or whenever anyone says "What a guy!" about Ace Rimmer.
One drink if the Cat mentions an "old cat saying".
Take a big slurp when Cat mention his favourite pastimes (like: sex, food, sleep, etc.)
Drink each time the Cat goes "Aaaooooww!" (y'know what I mean)
Have a drink when he wants to go out with any woman (Wilma Flintstone, Simulant, whoever)
Don't forget to drink when the Cat praises his own good looks, Double if he claims to be centre of the universe.
One drink everytime he has a costume change
Drink if the Cat refers to Lister and Rimmer as "monkeys" (First Series)
Have another glass or two if Duane Dibbley shows up. You'll need it.
Throw back another whenever the Cat 'smells' something, or his sense of smell is referred to by another crew member. Double if he says his nostril hairs are vibrating.
Scul each time Kryten has to explain something to someone
Drink whenever he is seen ironing, cooking or doing the laundry.
Have a glass every time Kryten's head is described (e.g. "amusingly shaped ice-cube")
A drink for each time he corrects a Space Corp Directive quoted by Rimmer.
One per each add-on appliance that he can attach mentioned (or seen) Double if he mentions an accident with his groinal socket or groinal attachment.
Drink for each "old android saying".
Every time he speaks something in binary or hex (e.g. 001100111.... or whatever)
A drink for each time he offers to kill himself for doing something stupid or as a sacrifice to save the crew.
Drink whenever he enters a mode, such as "smug mode", "lie mode", etc.
Drink every time Holly is stupid. (this rule can be dangerous...)
Drink when he/she has troubles with numbers or just with counting.
One drink when Holly uses a pop culture word, like "Dude" and "Oi!"
Have a drink whenever Holly has to explain something to someone.
One for every reference to his/her IQ, or lack of.
Take a drink whenever Holly pulls a prank on anyone.
Also, drink if Holly actually does something right. (I mean something that rare needs celebration)
A drink whenever Holly's head appears on something other than a TV screen on a wall. (i.e. Lister's watch, Kryten's stomach.)
Drink every time she complains about being in a parallel universe
Have a drink whenever she complains about the food
And also one every time she complains about Lister's habits
Double when Lister tries to make a pass at her or flirt and is cut dead
One every time she is seen wearing that tight red rubber outfit
Double every time Cat calls her "officer-bud-babe"
Drink when she demonstrates how spoilt she is
And drink every time she is sarcastic (applies to early episodes also) or makes a snooty comment
One drink whenever she refers to "Her Dave".
One drink per each Skutter seen (Quite dangerous sometimes... e.g. "Parallel Universe")
Drink when the skutters play Indians and Cowboys or prove that they are John Wayne fans.
Of course, drink when they annoy Rimmer.
Double if they do the "hand" signal they specially reserve for Rimmer when annoying him.
Talkie Toaster:
Drink whenever Talkie offers anyone a slice of toast.
Double if he offers any other type of toasted product.
Have a drink when he offers an opinion on something.
(Important: These rules are not recommended for "White Hole". If you wish to do so, why not just have a bottle each and forget about it. Series I and II are probably better options for these ;-)
One drink for each disgusting and/or salivating monster it transforms into
Also have one when it turns into cute furry animal or toy.
Take a drink each time a member of the crew has a false alarm about what/where the polymorph is.
And Double when they don't notice it and it's right under their noses.
Friends: For when you are playing with a group, drink when a fellow fan...
Drink when ever someone quotes a line. (Double if they do it along with the character)
Drink continuously whenever someone argues about the rules of this game.
A drink and a cheer for anyone who dressed up in Red Dwarf merchandise (hats, tees, socks, etc.)
And a hearty toast for anyone who actually dressed up like a Red Dwarf crew member.
Drink yet another one when someone spots a continuity error.
One drink per player who is no longer capable of playing, to help make up for them no longer drinking their share.
And hide under the couch if anyone comes dressed like Holly (i.e. no body)!
Always cheer then drink when they say "Red Dwarf".
Sing and imbibe continually when the theme song is played or heard in the background. Yes, this can include the credits.
Actually, drink whenever anyone sings. Applies to "I'm gonna eat you little fishie" and even the "Ohm" song.
Drink if something wierd happens.
Drink if something gross happens. (Applies mostly to Lister.)
One drink for every mention of a small, furry animal or a kipper.
Have drink for each hostile entity they meet that probably wants to kill them (should be some almost every episode)
Have another if the hostile entity can't shoot straight, allowing the crew to survive against impossible odds.
A Drink for each reference made to the Danish moron (or even just plain old "Petersen").
Celebrate the usual way when they send up/parody something from another sci-fi show. Double if they're spoofing any Star Trek.
Lemming Rule (optional): One drink per "smeg", "smegging", etc. ('Bodyswap' will get tricky) (Note: Rimmer insult rule also applies for "smeghead", i.e. take 2 drinks if someone insults Rimmer with "Smeghead")
Have a drink for every "old human saying" - Double if in reply to an "old cat saying"
One drink per crude joke.
Drink whenever they crash Starbug.
Have a drink when there is a mention of a practical joked played on someone or one is done to someone. (Double if done to Rimmer)
If suicidal, I suppose you could also have a drink for any joke about, or reference to, sex.

And when any member of the crew starts to resemble a smoked kipper you should finish the bottle and go home!

Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society suggests this:
For safety reasons, pick one thing from each category and only use those rules. This may extend the life-span of your game (and yourself) a little. Or just use one category.
Disclaimer: Any injury resulting from this game is mostly your fault and anyway you had fun doing it, didn't you?! I mean, people who take this game seriously should be given a double lobotomy and ten rolls of rubber wall paper.

-23rd April 2003, 23:15
Right the Truth is in Here

one X files drinking game comin up

and if you wake up one mornin with hazy memories of the night b4, you probably havnt been abducted by anything other than to much alcohol.The X-Files Drinking Game.

Do not be shy about yelling out, "DRINK!" if no one else is paying attention. Whoever yells "DRINK!" first does not have to take a sip.
If you're going to do this seriously, stay at home. Remember that it's Sunday night and you have to go to work tomorrow morning! Here at Vorpal we usually take sips and gulps of beer, wine, White Russians or other mixed drinks. If you want to get tanked, we recommend a whole lot of pre-poured shots or half-shots laid out on the table, with beer to nurse in between. Constantly re-pouring shot glasses is a pain in the ass if the show's a good one. And save any squabbles over the rules for commercial breaks.
One Sip:
Mulder utters a wry witticism or "Mulderism" (two sips if Scully actually smiles as a result).
Mulder or Scully smile.
See numbers 10, 13, or 10/13 (Chris Carter's wife's birthday), or 11/21 (Chris Carter's birthday). We don't really know which is whose birthday.
Any character, including Mulder or Scully, shows their badge.
Mulder s called "Fox."
Scully is called "Dana."
Mulder eats sunflower seeds.
Reference is made to Mulder's obsession with porn.
Mulder talks to Deep Throat or Mr. X.
A computer does something computers cannot do.
You see Smoking Man (smoking or not).
Mulder or Scully call each other on cell phone and say, "It's me" or "Where are you?"
Scully gives some long "scientific" explanation.
Scully does an autopsy.
Mulder or Scully is using a car-battery-powered Super-Flashlight.
Mulder happens to know/notice some obscure fact which later helps solve the case.
Scully misses the proof of a paranormal event.
Mulder goes into a dark room and yells, "SCULLY!?!"
Scully goes into a dark room and yells, "MULDER!?!"
Scully calls a connection/evidence "purely circumstantial" or "scientifically impossible."
Skinner is seen outside of FBI Headquarters.
Lone Gunmen appear/are consulted.
Mulder loses or destroys his overcoat, and later appears wearing it again as if nothing had happened.
Two sips:
Scully happens to know/notice some obscure fact which later helps solve the case.
Scully gets kidnapped.
Mulder and Scully actually touch each other, anywhere, anyhow.
Smoking Man smokes in front of a "No Smoking" sign.
Mulder's sister is mentioned (by him or anyone else).
Mulder actually watches porn, or there is physical evidence of porno.
Mulder puts a masking-tape X on the window.
Scully wears any footwear other than pumps.
Scully tells Mulder to "get some sleep."
A mutant/alien/monster kills someone.
Mulder is called "Spooky."
Scully is called "Starbuck."
Mulder is seen in his underwear or a Speedo swimsuit.
Scully smokes a cigarette, or Mulder has a drink.
Mulder or Scully actually shoot their guns.
They drive a car other than a Ford Taurus.
Scully drives.
Credits say something other than "The Truth is Out There."
Mulder or Scully have a date or romantic encounter (not with each other).
Well-Manicured Man (or any other of the mysterious cabal) appears.
One Big Gulp:
Mulder and Scully kiss or say, "I love you."
You actually see an alien or UFO.

-24th April 2003, 03:52
Why do i think this is going to get silly

-24th April 2003, 09:14
The trick is getting people to pay attention. IME as soon as people start to feel the effects they start "forgetting" to take a drink and it just degenerates. It takes dedicated drinkers to play these properly. Who me?!

-24th April 2003, 18:34
See numbers 10, 13, or 10/13 (Chris Carter's wife's birthday), or 11/21 (Chris Carter's birthday). We don't really know which is whose birthday.

Yes 'we' darn well do! Chris Carter is October 13th 1956, his wife (Dori Pierson) is November 21st 1948.

(It was a huge influence on my early teens, okay! I just happen to remember all this stuff! :transport: )

One Big Gulp:
Mulder and Scully kiss or say, "I love you."
You actually see an alien or UFO.

*cough cough seasons 7-9 cough cough*

(not that I was somewhat displeased with the turn the show took)

I looked up other versions of the X-Files one, which included (just the ones not previosuly mentioned) :

Take one sip:

Every time Scully is seen examining internal organs of some corpse.
If Mulder or Scully is in a dark scary place and one of them drops or loses their flashlight.
If Mulder mentions that something could be paranormal and another character thinks he's joking.
If Mulder just happens to know some obscure case reference or fact that just happens to be similar to the case that they are working on. (Take 3 if Scully says it)
Anytime anyone goes into a dark and scary place and it is obvious that they should NOT be there.
Any time Scully calls a connection between two things "Purely circumstantial" when the connection is so obvious it would have to hit her in the face and start to wiggle to be any more obvious.
Any time when Mulder and Scully split up and Scully goes somewhere that the paranormal event ISN'T, so that she misses the whole thing and doesn't believe Mulder when he tells her about it (drink the whole damn thing if she DOES witness it).

Take two:

Whenever Cancer Man is smoking around a visible non-smoking sign.
Every time a mysterious character shows up at the end of an episode to keep Mulder from learning the truth.
Every time someone knows about Mulder's sister, but won't tell him about it.
If a computer or other piece of electronics is used to "bring out" or enhance an image from something that M or S has found.
Whenever Mulder runs off and leaves Scully to get attacked just so he can save the day.
Whenever Mulder is seen with sunflower seeds.

Take three:

Every time Deep Throat or Mr. X is called.
If M or S gets in a fight, loses gun, and wins fight without the other's help.

Take four:

Whenever someone gets sick during an autopsy.
If Mulder or Scully is seen wearing anything other than a business suit. (double if it's underwear)

Whole thing:

If Scully believes that something is paranormal and Mulder doesn't.

Brought to you, from FBI Database: X-Files Department (http://www.fbidb.com) (which has some cool graphics when it loads, and quite a bit of good x-humour)