View Full Version : Welsh Closed Sabre Championships

-20th January 2004, 20:42
Welsh Closed Sabre Championships - 22/2/04

Anybody going to this or running it, What are the kit regs? Who from LP will be there.

Who else is going from the forum?


The Little Un
-21st January 2004, 02:46
No idea who might be going or what the clothing regulations, mind you it is no surprise that a little place like Wales wants a closed competition, their fencers have to win something.....lol

Best wishes,

-21st January 2004, 07:31
Is this Wales who beat England at the 5 Nations this year.... Oh! Yes it is

-21st January 2004, 07:34
Anyway - in reply to the original post. Kit regs are BFA so 350N. LAst couple of years, the standard has been middling - the top of the Seniors haven't gone. In my case, it clashes with an overseas competition so I haven't been able to go but apparently a good day is had by all.

-21st January 2004, 14:43
Little Un - there is also the 4 commonwealth medals the Welsh brought home last year. Please don't make derisory comments about something that you even admit you don't know anything about.

-21st January 2004, 18:32
Ok thanks yeah i'm looking forward to it. Means i'll miss the mersyside open tho. Oh well should be great fun! Thanks.

-22nd January 2004, 15:28
Just to clarify, uk_45, there are no points to be had at the Welsh Closed because it is closed, but there are at Merseyside. There's more to life than points though! (Or so I keep telling myself :grin: )

-23rd January 2004, 14:25
yeah but well i'll get a higher place at the welsh not to bothered about points at the mo.