View Full Version : Leon Paul sabre guard and Allstart/pbt blade?

-20th January 2004, 21:08
Does any one know if there is any problem using a allstar or pbt blade in a leon paul guard, grip and pommel for sabre. Thanks

-20th January 2004, 23:10
potentially - th LP grip (and I presume the guard) has a wider and longer tang than the Allstar - it might be loose and stick out at the end.

The second series of Duellist blades did not fir the Allstar guards I had from them originally - th ecurrent batch do ( and are the best sabr baldes I've seen, especially the blue).

-21st January 2004, 14:16
I've been using this combination for about 5 years, and no major problems. The one minor hitch I have found (minor compared with the disadvantage of using an Allstar guard or LP blade) is that the hole in the guard you put the blade through gets a bit battered so it is easier for the blade to twist in the guard and mess up the balance unless you put the sabre together in a vice. LP pommels can be a bit light when put with the heavier S2000 blades so it might be an idea to get an allstar pommel to bring the balance back towards the guard