View Full Version : Hey, I'm the new wolf around here

-21st January 2004, 01:10
Hi everyone,
Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a saberist at the Sacramento Fencing Club and I wanted to talk to other people about my sport.

-21st January 2004, 02:14
Excellent, another American! Welcome! :party:

The Little Un
-21st January 2004, 02:36
Hi Wolfie, Welcome to the forum. Alwsy good to hear from a fellow Sabruer..

Musketeer, You want to save human babies. The best thing you can do is join the group "Silent No More", they are holding a vigil at the Supreme Court tomorrow (Thursday). At least George Bush did one decent thing in getting the "Partial Birth Abortion Bill" through your parliament. Actually having chatted with him, he does not seem like a bad bloke.

Best wishes,

-22nd January 2004, 03:01
There are a lot of pro-life events in Washington tomorrow, because it's the 31st anniversary of the abominable Roe v. Wade decision. :mad: